The World Bank is an obstacle to development: Does the World Bank cause more harm than good?

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  • No,The World Bank is Not an obstacle to development and the World Bank does not cause more harm than good.

    In my opinion the World Bank is fundamentally an entity for the betterment of World financial interests. The World Bank has funded a very large number of life enriching projects and supported many countries when no one else would or could. Recent mismanagement and scandal bring discredit on the World Bank but it is needed more today than ever before.

  • The World Bank provides necessary oversight

    The World Bank may sometimes seem like an obstacle to development, but that is only because it levies standards and best practices on nations that might otherwise flout them. The World Bank helps create international standardization, and in that way it is a unifying force, not a harmful one. Because every nation is equally answerable to the Bank, it also has an equalizing effect.

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