• The world is on Margin. Due to environmental degradation, Population growth, And rampant use of technology the life of earth is being shortened.

    The snow in the Himalayas are being melted. The snow line is going up. There is issues of landslide, Drought, Flood. Still many people are not getting enough food, Education and safe shelter. People are engaged in technology so that they are unaware about the happening of the community. There is no connection between family members and community members.

  • Are we aware of the world we're living in on margins? !

    Involved and deeply indulged in his or her life a human today is not aware of its surroundings and the danger approaching and is not aware about its motherland - the world on margins. . . So its time for us to brace ourselves up and be alarmed of what is awaiting us

  • Could it? Maybe?

    I think the world will come to an end eventually with poverty, Natural disasters, Country to country politics, Gender biased etc. Being a few factors for this. The world has to be equal place to live in for all communities and to last longer! That is my opinion today

  • Haven't died yet.

    In the 1980's a movie called terminator came out. Terminator predicted humanity would tear itself in a nuclear war, Build a sentient AI that would take over the universe, And finally crack time travel, All by. . . 2002.
    I WASN'T EVEN ALIVE IN 2002. The fact that we don't have killer robots disgusts me. Also why do people say terminator 2 is da best one when terminator 1 is clearly superior. Debate me on this if you will. Seriously though, Liquid metal isn't as terrifying as a 300 robot Austrian with a shotgun.

  • 3 words needed

    50 more words needed. . . No, I think movies are brainwashing us too much. Take the movie "2012" as an example. Did the world end at December 2012? Of course, Not? Have transformers come to our planet yet? No, They are still 1 trillion light years away? What about the game "Fallout"? Utter nonsense!

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