The world is cruel and unfair therefore it is cruel and unfair to bring life into it.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Eventually something horrible is going to happen to one of your descendants.

    And it is unfair to put them through that for your happiness which serves no purpose. If there was a purpose for your happiness then i would say go ahead and have kids but when life is so horrible for so many its stupid to think its virtuous to bring life into the world. People who have kids are either lazy thinkers like most when it comes to morality or they are about as selfish as they can be.

  • Is there a purpose?

    For the simplest act in our lives we need to have some reason to perform it. And we also take responsibility for our actions. There are consequences. But for the most important decision anyone can take - bringing another consciousness into this maze, no serious thinking is involved, no purpose is needed, no responsibility taken. Because all the motives for bearing a child are egotistic, and sentimental illusions. No real purpose or meaning. And no one can argue against this. Every time someone argues for Life's purpose it is always ''what if that or what if this is.. And maybe .. And ...''. The truth is we have no idea so why perpetuate something we do not understand, that includes pain in such immense degree? Actually pain is the fuel of Life. So the stakes are high. We humans tell ourselves stories about our little life scenarios, our mating habits and child bearing but there is nothing special about it. All insectoids and beasties out there have been doing it for so many more years than our species and we are as programmed as they are. But we have the capacity to deny our programming, yet we cling onto the madness and keep justifying it with more stories and mental illusions. So are we really the smartest creature on Earth? At least the animals have no choice. And to finish my rant, even if you choose to have kids or already have them, do your best to raise them and love them, but do not try to argue that there was any rational reason behind your actions. You just followed your programming and chased the cheese.

  • Yes, that is because

    In these world bad things happen. By making babies, you cause suffering for them. And like the other guy above said, we do not know what going to happen when we die. And i agree that it is selfish to make babies. They never choose to be born. That decision is made by the parents.

  • They didn't even choose to exist.

    There are even homeless people who create children so they are doomed here. And they also expect obedience of the children.

    And they didn't even choose to exist and are forces to struggle to not feel bad or die. We don't even know what happens after death and they still create life. Even some of the religious who believe in hell still want to make children.

    And there are already too much humans anyway, so it's just selfish and cruel to create more. I mean common, there are 8 billion humans on this earth, we don't need more. We need less, because that is also a reason why we get poor and have no jobs.

    It is selfish because the parents are only doing it for there own happiness.

    And for the one who say they do it for the child it's happiness, than they are stupid because they very well know that they can get unhappy. They force theme to strife, fight and work.

    If we would never be born we wouldn't be forced to suffer till we die... And maybe even worse after death.

  • To some degree, our lives are to be dedicated to the construction of a better world for our children

    Some part of life is to be dedicated to making a better world for our children, or descendants. You should not decide to stop bringing life into the world just because you are doing a rubbish job at it. You keep going and maybe your descendants will do a better job.

  • Perhaps true for those that believe so.

    Despite such a claim, there are many people who would prefer to be living than never born, and who feel any of their struggles, no matter how hard, are worth it for what they've gained in happiness.

    If you make successful choices and have skills both inherited and learned from your parents, it's likely that you have good genes and can set a healthy example as to how to behave. And if you reside in an environment with abundant resources and opportunities for self improvement, it's likely that your offspring will be provided for and will have the ability to reap the benefits from it that allowed you to thrive.

    People who are persistently unhappy are often suffering from causes that are likely to effect their offspring as well, they may suffer from a mental ailment that impairs their judgment, they may engage in unhealthy behaviors, or they may just be unfortunate to have been born in an environment that can not provide for the local populations needs. In these cases it would be irresponsible to intentionally conceive a child until they overcame their own struggles.

    Life is not cruel though, it's competitive, and happiness is only a reward for the successful. That could be considered unfair, but that would depend on what your basis for comparison is.

  • It isn't fair or unfair.

    Life is life, and the world is what we make of it. If we make it into a place where it sucks to live, that's our fault, and we'll have to live with it, leaving our descendants to clean up. If we make it a nice place to live, then our descendants reap the benefits before possibly screwing it up.

  • Incorrect premise, since the world is also fair.

    That some bad things happen in no way means that the world is only that way.

    The overwhelming majority of people would rather keep living, rather than die. On balance, they are glad they are here. Thus, there is no way to logically say it's "unfair" to bring life into the world.

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Pro-lifeConservative says2015-07-20T21:10:42.670
And it's all humans' fault...
steffon66 says2015-07-21T02:09:59.293
If you bring life into the world the animals that your descendants enslave or imprison and the people they hurt are blood on your hands because you have to know that horrible things will happen because you bring these ignorant beings into the world. If we knew right from wrong and were far less tempted to do evil then i would say sure go ahead and bring life into the world but that isnt the case.