The world media hails Clinton as the winner of the debate. Did she score a clear victory in the debate?

  • Clinton clearly won the debates

    Hillary Clinton came to each of the three debates prepared and ready. Donald Trump came with nothing but wild ideas and crazy talk. Clinton illustrated her knowledge and poise, showing why she is a much better fit for President. Trump showed that he is whiny and just wants to say things for attention.

  • Yes, she scored a clear victory in the debate.

    Yes, she scored a clear victory in the debate because Trump proved that he cannot be taken seriously. She answered all of the questions as best as she could and laid out all of her policies as president. She has proven she has the experience necessary to lead this great country.

  • She did easily

    Clinton has never had a high bar to clear in her debates with Trump, but she did manage to make herself appear presidential rather than just emphasizing how much better for the job she would be. Trump looked like even more of a child than he usually does and lost the debate via self-knockout.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton scored a clear victory in the debate.

    Yes, Hillary Clinton scored a clear victory in the debate. Whether you're a fan of hers or not, it has been very clear in each debate that she is head shoulders above Donald Trump on every level. I voted for Bernie, but even I recognize how intelligent, experienced and savvy Clinto is in comparison to the beligerent and offensive Trump.

  • People not Cattle

    If you believe the BS Hillary is promoting then yes she won, If you just don't like Donald Trump, then yes she won. But if you believe America deserve the truth about the state of our union, then she lost big time, because she is a liar and a thief

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