The World Series had one its lowest ratings of all time on Tuesday. Is America's "favorite pastime" becoming a thing of the past?

  • Football is quickly taking over.

    Many people are disenchanted with baseball. If people felt as if the players weren't over paid, and politics weren't involved, they may come back around. Not to mention, all of the steroids debacles. No one believes anyone is genuinely great anymore. Meanwhile, football is becoming more popular than baseball, even with it's own scandals. I think football has an easier time bouncing back, because the players athleticism have not been called in to question.

  • No One Cares About It

    While there are people in my area that like baseball overall I feel like the average fan is far and few between. I was of the impression that it has been this way since the 1990's. Is that not when they lost all of their fans. I don't feel like much has changed since then.

  • Baseball is out

    Baseball is out. I never understood why people liked it anyway. It is long, boring, and pointless. People have low attention spans with all of the instantaneous cell phone and tablet stimulation. Baseball goes too slow for these folks. I think it is time to replace baseball with another new sport.

  • Baseball is the best.

    Baseball is the best, because it is Americas favorite pass time. The most known sports player is Babe Ruth. If you go up to anyone and ask them, "what the most famous sports player of all time." 9 times out of 10 they are going to say Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson. Baseball is loved by everyone of all ages. If baseball was a boring sport why are the stadiums always filled (besides Minute Maid Field).

  • All television watching is on the decline.

    I don't think the low rating are linked to people becoming less interested in one sport, I think it is more that people have many more things to distract them at home these days, such as the Internet and games, etc. People are spending a lot less time watching television generally.

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