The world's 62 richest people now own more wealth than the poorest 50% of the world's population combined. This is unjust and requires immediate action.

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The world's 62 richest people now own more wealth than the poorest 50% of the world's population combined. This is unjust and requires immediate action.
  • The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer

    According to Oxfam the wealth of the poorest 50% dropped by 41% between 2010 and 2015. In the same period, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased by $500bn (£350bn) to $1.76tn. It is an unacceptable state of affairs that whilst some humans live in abject poverty and are struggling to make ends meet that others own more wealth than they could ever possibly spend. One possible solution to this problem is to tighten the tax laws and shut down tax havens that allow the worlds super rich billionaires to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

  • The rich will keep on exploiting on the poor

    Without the support of labour force from the developing nations, these companies couldn't be as successful as today. Farmers, miners, manufacture workers are being heavily exploited by the people above them. They keep on earning low salaries and have the least opportunities to break through from this poverty cycle. For example Chinese labour working the Microsoft factory needs to work for 15 hours per day, six or seven days per week, and only earning 34p per hour. If their salary cannot be risen the world's economy will continues to be unbalance.

  • This is true

    I don't know that anyone could debate the unjustice of it. Certainly people's circumstances and fortune are not completely their fault. Most of the debate comes in at how much do we interfere? Of course the rich people SHOULD donate to the poor, but the government should not enforce that. Unless the government is a democracy, in which case the people can try to improve everyone's standard of living. I am slightly opposed to overtaxing the rich, simply because it seems like punishment. Taxing according to percentage of income is okay. I do particularly like giving everyone a certain amount of money regardless of their current situation. It wouldn't hurt anyone if we can find some way to get the money, but it will help the poor far more than the rich.
    Also on a tangent, richer countries should help poorer countries' economies. *cough cough United States*

  • The Successful shouldn't be discriminated against

    Imagine if someone worked their way up from the bottom. They got a college degree, started a company, and are now a billionare. Now, because of these throngs of unprivileged people, governments want to steal the money of the wealthy, who've actually helped the world, to the poor.

    Many people go into poverty, because they don't spend money well, they didn't study well, or they committed crimes. We shouldn't help them, as all they will do is waste their money on addictives. Most of these poor are born into poverty, because their poor parents decided to have 10 kids who they can't support.

    Instead of discriminating against the wealthy, who have helped the world, and already donate a lot of their money to charities, have 1 child policies, and work to make the quality of life better without stealing money from the wealthy.
    **Not everybody wealthy gets rich scamming others, and goes to tax havens. Those are a tiny percentage of the wealthy, who get publicized to make angers of the poor seem justified**.

  • No. There is nothing unjust about it.

    Money did not fall from the sky for them. They earn their wealth. There is nothing unjust about it. You want more wealth then go earn it. Any actions that tries to redistribute wealth is unjust. No one has any rights to take money from others and give it to someone else.

  • Those 62 people are better than everyone else.

    Why should the 62 people who worked, sweated, schemed, and prayed have their gains taken away from them simply because some idiot somewhere called their success "unjust"?
    Isn't that the equivalent of saying that being successful is a crime against humanity, or that being better than anyone in anything ever is repressing them?
    Also, the numbers fail to take into account exactly how many of those "poor people" are foreigners, and therefore undeserving of any help.
    Another thing is that those foreigners are often in very repressive countries that mire down would-be enterprisers in a dictatorship with cronies already running everything, and their only assured method of getting anything to eat is to stay in that government-inflicted poverty.
    Tl;dr Deal with it.

  • What you do in life makes your status, it should not be given

    The richest members of our global society are at this position through legal and entirely fair reasons. With an open market capitalist economy anyone can become a top member, with enough effort. The lowest members of the world are born into densely populated areas that have little to no future possible. It would be unjust to steal money from those who earned it and dispense it to those have done nothing.

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