Theenagers should not be allowed to use Mobile phone

  • The issues that arise with mobile phones outweigh the benefits

    Mobile phones create a lot of issues that make life harder such as bullying, Competition, Discrimination, And purposeful isolation. I do believe that teens should have the ability to communicate with friends, Just through less demanding and intrusive methods such as email or google hangouts as oppose to texting and calling. A more basic cell phone would even be sufficient as it holds no competition with models and no extras such as social media.

  • It Honestly Depends

    Whether I'd agree on this statement or not would greatly depend on what authority would enforce this rule. If it were simply a household rule right along side "love one another" and "no elbows on the dinner table", Or a school-wide policy, Then I'd be just fine with it. I see the need for a rule in those institutions, And I'd have no issue with an amish household, Or a school district with too many covert texters enforcing this. However, If you're thinking a nation-wide ban on cell-phones for minors, Then I'd go to say that it's borderline in justice. To take away a huge part of kids' lives would not only affect the kids themselves, But also the companies trying to market to them.

  • Teenagers should be allowed to access technology under some circumstances

    Teenagers should be allowed to use mobile phones under these circumstances:

    At school:
    Only allowed to use mobile phone before school, During lunch at school, And after school. Unless teacher allows them to do so at any other time.

    At home:
    Only allowed to use mobile phone after finished with homework, And/or chores. Before curfew: which should be no earlier than 21:00 (9pm) and no later than 12:00 (12am. ) It is recommended for teenagers to refrain from screen time one hour before they go to sleep.

    In an emergency:
    In the event of an emergency: medical, Crime, Etc. Teenagers would have the access to call emergency services on their mobile phones, This can save the lives of him/her and people around him/her.

    Teenagers should not be allowed to use mobile phones if they:

    - Are cyberbullying another individual
    - threatening a business or a person
    - accessing and/or possessing pornography content
    - using it excessively, By excessively I mean 4+ hours
    - doing any illegal activity online
    - is too much of distraction from work, School
    - using mobile phone while operating motor vehicle
    - blackmailing
    - drug dealing
    - disrupting normal operation of a business
    - etc

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