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  • I disagree that some children are "just bad".

    When a child is born, They are a blank canvas. A baby, Or child, Is not capable of adopting bad habits or traits without an environment to absorb them from. Whether being neglected, Abused, Dismissed, Etc. , A child will grow to act out or go against their parent's wishes if they feel ignored or uncared for. From my experience with problematic peers, They act the way they do because of the environment surrounding them. They participate in activities such as lying, Drugs, And unsafe sex due to the lack of relationship between them and their parents. Some adults tend to view children as "just bad" instead of looking deeper into the cause of the problem. Normally, Children with little/no relationship with their parents try to fill the space where that love should be with other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Respectfully, I disagree with your statement. There is much more psychologically at work behind a "bad child".

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