Theistic evolution (Yes) vs Progressive creationism (No). Which Christian theory makes more sense?

Asked by: ClashnBoom
  • Fossils and Development

    I am an atheist, so I highly doubt the existence of God. But I understand people who do and believe in this theory, due to the lack of evidence of the other. God is an all-knowing being (apparently), meaning there would be no point for God killing creatures and creating others as time moves on. If you look at the fossil record and vestigial structures, you can see the development and evolution of species. Do I think we should continue to look for evidence on this topic? Yes. Do I believe in this theory? No. Out of the two choices, this one just makes sense based on society's interpretation of God and knowledge on evolution.

  • Obviously Evolution makes more sense but I am no Christian...

    Evolution is science, I love science and believe in it fully. Christianity and science do not agree with one another and that is simply fact. Creationism is highly flawed in the way of science but for a Christian, who believes the bible is gods word, it couldn't possibly be flawed. God is flawless and if gods word is flawed than anything they believe in could very well be just as tainted.

    It makes no sense for a Christian to believe in evolution, in total disregard to what the bible actually said happened. If you don't believe in Evolution, or "kinds" at very least than you don't believe in the bible as gods word. Belief in the bible is one of the few things that actually define you as a Christian. If you believe in the bible as symbolism than you taint the whole thing in doubt, not faith.

  • The Bible is not a science book.

    When God was giving us his message, he had no interest in adding scientific facts in it. But even tho without trying God being the creator of this world, show us our own future of thinking in the Bible.

    Evolution have so many flaws if only people could take the time to study it.
    Animals and humans develop from a single fertilized egg. Inside the embryo, cells multiply and eventually specialize, taking on different shapes and functions to form distinct parts of the body. Evolution cannot explain how each cell “knows” what to become and where it should move within the organism.

    Human beings are conscious and self-aware, have the ability to think and reason, and possess moral qualities such as generosity, self-sacrifice, and a sense of right and wrong. Random mutations and natural selection cannot explain the existence of these unique qualities of the human mind.

    These things can only bring up one conclusion: that life is the product of a superior intelligence.

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