There are 24 Disney IT workers that are prepared to sue over foreign replacements. Do they have a legitimate case?

  • Yes the 24 Disney IT workers do have a legitimate case.

    When foreign workers are brought to the U.S. through a work related Visa program, they are supposed to be filling some type of skill that could not be found domestically. In other words, foreign workers are not supposed to be hired to replace U.S. workers, but rather, they are meant to fill a void that a company faces due to a lack of skilled labor. In short, Disney violated the rules of the Visa program which gives the 24 IT workers a legitimate case.

  • If it was unfair.

    If these people were replaced merely because it was cheaper to hire foreign workers then they do have a legitimate case. Disney is not short on money in any form or fashion, so they should be able to pay their employees good money. For some reason these rich corporations do not like giving away their money.

  • It sounds fair.

    So many people said nothing when manual jobs went overseas so why complain now? What I am waiting for is when shareholders demand that the companies they own start improving profits by sending upper management jobs overseas including CEO's. I am sure if they hire people in Japan, they can save millions on just the cost of board members. This would allow the owner or share holders to make more profit. Wonder if we can outsource politicians?

  • No, the Disney workers do not have a legitimate case.

    No, the Disney workers do not have a legitimate case to sue Disney over hiring foreign replacements. Disney has the power to hire whomever they wish. If Disney finds that the foreign replacements are better workers, it is their right to hire. When making decisions, a business is going to look after their bottom line. Better workers mean more money, and it is Disney's goal to make more money.

  • No, they do not.

    They have no case at all. A company can hire whomever they want. This is purely a monetary decision and nothing more, which is what giant corporations are supposed to do. They answer to the shareholders, not to the employees. Now perhaps if the public stopped supporting Disney, they would not hire replacements, but that will not happen.

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