There are many conflicts that Africa is being faced with; do you believe that people across the world understand the reality of these situations?

There are many conflicts that Africa is being faced with; do you believe that people across the world understand the reality of these situations?
  • The vague impression by the media of Africa's general poverty neglects the lack of economic growth, innovation, and the scope and intricacy of their remaining problems.

    The scope of Africa's problems, like that of its growth and vitality, is not apparent from headlines and snapshots highlighting dramatic examples of war, poverty, disease, refugee camps, and the like. There are major public health problems in Africa. Not just the spread of HIV and AIDS, but the prevalence of malaria, polio, tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, and other diseases. Transportation and communication infrastructure, important in combating these conditions, are sometimes sub-optimal. War, including the awful use of child soldiers, is too widespread. The under-education of women, and their frequent lack of access to means of controlling their fertility, are other problems widely seen by development experts, and an underlying cause of the continent's problems. I'm no expert, but even these preliminary details are not widely discussed in the American media. But the details obviously matter to the design of effective responses.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, I believe the international community understands the problems in Africa.

    Billions of dollars of aid have been spent on countries in Africa, but all of that money has done no good. It ends up in the wrong hands or is used unwisely. Just because they have made little progress in Africa does not mean the rest of the world has not been compassionate. Money can not solve their problems, only they can solve their own problems. Until the people of africa rebel against the tyrannical leaders, nothing can be done to solve their problems.

    Posted by: D Callahan
  • The general public in the international community has little understanding of conflicts in Africa.

    The general public in the international community has little understanding of conflicts in Africa. Many people think that Africa is a country and fail to realize that in reality it is a large, diverse continent made up of many countries with very different histories, cultures, languages and social situations. This leads many people to generalize about very complex situations stemming from a variety of historical and cultural roots. The first step in resolving some of the diverse issues in Africa is educating Americans and the international community about the history and culture of African nations.

    Posted by: NatBIab
  • No, they don't.

    Where I live, in America, I've grown up to a land with millions of people, fast food restaurants, iPhones and xboxes, malls, and water that flows from the fridge. I bet half of the people in America couldn't even last a week in the life of a African in poverty. Those people have it hard, and it's good that they can stay strong.

  • One must have a solid understanding of Africa's recent history in order to understand their current situation, and most people lack this understanding.

    The history of the various states of Africa is riddled with colonization, manipulation, deceit, and violence. Many of the struggles between tribes or groups were created by colonizers, and later escalated into very violent blood conflict. If you did not know the history of the British assignment of Hutu or Tutsi, and their subsequent treatment of both created groups, you would not be able to fully understand the later bloodbath that took place. This holds true, over and over again, for different regions and the conflicts that they have. You must also look to the exploitation/theft of resources by colonizing powers. For example, the oil rights owned by Dutch Royal Shell company had little to no money going back to the community doing the work. In this case, the oil company also used their money to hire mercenaries to murder those who opposed their work. Before any person can claim or believe that the African people deserve their current fate, or have done nothing to solve their own problems, they must first understand the role that the rest of the world has had in creating them.

    Posted by: HurtHeath52
  • No, because the Western media cover celebrities and local news, not news of Africa.

    The Western media shows mostly very local events and news, and give hours of coverage to scandals, celebrities, trials of famous people, and things like that. The many countries in Africa face complex situations that cannot be covered in sound bites, so they just do not get reported. All we see in the USA is an occasional story with a very stereotypical appeal to donate money to starving kids. We never hear about Africa's successes in fighting AIDS, distributing anti-malarial bed nets, and funding schooling. Many Americans are not even able to locate the countries in Africa on a map, much less explain why, for example, Ghana is more stable than Zimbabwe.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • I do not believe that most people understand the reality of Africa's many conflicts, such as government-sponsored genocide, wars between countries, and countries without any governments to speak of.

    I believe that people across the world do not fully understand the reality or severity of the many ongoing conflicts faced by the African continent. Without delving into the causes for these conflicts, it's difficult to understand the reality of numerous wars between nations, secessionist/separatist conflicts, wars for independence, major riots and massacres within nations and acts of government-sponsored violence, and even genocide, against its own citizens.

    Posted by: GiantLacy66
  • I don't believe that people across the world are aware of all of the conflicts going on in Africa, because most of the world is too worried about their own petty problems to see what is going on.

    The media has made it nearly impossible to pass along vital news these days. With all of the celebrity news, shows, and reality bits, it is becoming less and less important to people for them to watch the news. There is not enough coverage on these topics in the first place. So, if you aren't digging for the information, then it isn't readily available to you.

    Posted by: AboardTod
  • I don't think people across the world understand the conflicts in Africa because they seem so far removed from the life that the average person lives.

    I believe it is very hard for people across the world to understand the reality of the conflicts faced by those in Africa because the problems seem so big and so different than the issues that the average person faces. We all get very caught up in our own lives and in the conflicts in our own countries. It's very heartbreaking to see some of the tragedies going on in Africa right now and sometimes it's easier to turn our heads than to face the horrors that they live on a daily basis. It's very hard to imagine living life in that way because for most of us, we don't understand what it's like to starve or have our families killed by crooked rulers. We don't understand the plight of refugees because most people have never personally gone through such traumatic experiences.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • Most of the world cannot relate to the conflicts in Africa, because they are only fed a portion of what is really going on.

    In this day and age, we are able to communicate easily through technology. This brings with it a false pretense that we are able to communicate the full picture of a situation. Video, photos, story, and text cannot fully explain the atrocities that go on in parts of Africa. People across the world may see a quick glimpse in to these problems, but will probably never understand the issues, unless they live with them.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • People across the world do not understand the reality of the conflicts in Africa, due to the vast cultural differences between them.

    People across the world do not understand the reality of the conflicts in Africa, because of the vast cultural differences. Different cultures have different values and views. Europeans have had codified laws for millennia, while Africa has had codified law for only 500 years, and still observes tribal law. Under codified law, killing a person is wrong. Under tribal law, killing a member of your tribe is wrong, while killing a member of another tribe is permissible.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • I believe that people of the world do not understand the impact of conflicts on third world countries.

    I believe that people in the western world do not understand the conflicts and struggles of those in Africa or any third world country for that matter. The demographics of Africa are nothing like here in the states and by far they do not have the geography, food supply or ease of obtaining basic necessities that we do. We the people here in the western world I don't think are able to think past the things we find so simple and take for granted. So how could we understand it because we just don't have to go with out it.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • I am sure that most of the world does not understand the true nature of what goes on in Africa because most people are concentrated on what is happening in their own lives.

    I do not truly think that the majority of the world is aware of what goes on in Africa, past or present. As with other countries, the media often misrepresents the country, hindering many from understanding its true nature or condition. The country of Africa is currently embattled with everything from corrupt governments, to political genocide. While many of their situations stem from outdated laws and religion, foreign in understanding to most other countries.

    Posted by: Quibarce

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