There are more trees in the U.S. today than 100 years ago. Are environmentalists hiding this fact?

  • Yes, environmentalists are hiding this fact.

    Environmentalists are not being totally transparent when talking about the United States. America now has more trees than it did 100 years ago. Great efforts in conservation have led to more trees and a cleaner environment. These achievements should be celebrated, not ignored. Climate change can be tackled the same way that conservationists tackled the problem of deforestation in America a century ago.

  • There is no incriminating evidence of secrecy.

    I don't see any indicting evidence pointing to environmentalists' foul secrecy.

    That aside, It's good to hear the efforts have been made for the repair of the environment, but the battle to repair the environment damage is just beginning due to humanity's destructive nature. The repair for coral reefs might be vital for the structure of life in the creeks, rivers, seas, and oceans.

    The species of Bivalvia is a part of its biodiversity of coral reef in which is responsible for in consuming a varied amount of algae suspended in the water and enriching the quality of water in the process.

  • Environmentalists Aren't Hiding This Fact

    More trees exist today thanks in no small part to the efforts of environmentalists to plant and maintain larger numbers of trees. This practice has had positive effects on air quality and on replenishing deforested areas, so there doesn't seem to be any logical reason for environmentalists to hide this fact.

  • Nobody's hiding the fact

    Although it's great that we have more trees than 100 years ago, the sheer number of trees in the country is not that important of a figure. Studies out of Europe show that the wrong kinds of trees can actually accelerate global warming. These facts coupled mean that this information simply isn't that impactful, there's no conspiracy to keep it a secret.

  • No, environmentalists are not hiding this fact.

    No, environmentalists are not hiding this fact, they are simply focusing on more pressing issues. By announcing the good that has come, many people will soon forget that the environment is in desperate need of our help. We must first focus on the problems before patting ourselves on the backs.

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