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Posted by: SGR

There are more than two genders.

  I believe that there are only two genders for humans, but there are more than two in other species. (I know your thinking this is cheap, but the question never specified). For example there is a type of fungi that has 36,000 different genders. There is a type of jelly fish that can actually change gender. Also in Latin (maybe this is a little cheap) there are three genders Masculine, Feminine, Neuter.
1piemanpie says2016-09-10T19:12:38.873
I'm sorry i like to think outside of the box...
TheChristian says2016-09-10T19:17:27.260
They mean in humans. Sex and gender are being confused here
1piemanpie says2016-09-10T19:48:22.933
I know but the question says are there more than 2 genders and never specifies.
TheChristian says2016-09-10T19:57:35.697
You look like a damn idiot
SGR says2016-09-10T20:27:32.907
You have a good point, but I meant humans none the less, Kudos
1piemanpie says2016-09-10T21:05:11.777
If we are talking about humans i believe there is only one gender but if we are talking about other species there are more than one gender.
TheChristian says2016-09-10T21:10:52.377
How would there be only one? Fuck you are stupid
1piemanpie says2016-09-10T22:04:21.343
Pfft, one, two same thing
gusti000733 says2017-12-29T16:30:20.130
There are 2 genders. Male if you have a penis and female for vagina
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