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Posted by: SGR

There are only two genders.

  Those genders are male and female. There's really no such thing as transgender. No matter what gender you identify as, no matter how many hormone injections and plastic surgeries you have, you will ALWAYS be the gender you were born as. Facts don't care about your feelings. If you were born a man you are a MAN If you were born a woman you are a WOMAN. Go and be transgender if you like. It is not my place to stop you and you are free to chose how you live your life but I certainly don't have to agree with you. It's fact. Male and female are the ONLY genders. Not another can be added.
TheChristian says2016-09-10T19:16:59.177
What about intersex people?
TheChristian says2016-09-10T19:21:10.403
And, confusing gender and sex
Sciguy says2016-09-10T20:34:36.417
"Facts don't care about your feelings." -Ben Shapiro
hackneyed says2016-09-10T22:05:32.007
"gender" is a bogus term anyway. "Gender" is supposedly the role you play in society, that may be different than your actual biological "sex." The progressives and weirdos have morphed this into a new excuse for positioning themselves as different than their biological makeup--changing "sex" into a more psychologically based feature called "gender", which they claim is subjective or ambiguous.
Wolfram says2016-09-11T01:49:46.333
Intersex is not the third sex of humanity because they were byproducts of chimerism.

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