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Posted by: SGR

No no no

  There are 4: male, female, agender, and hermaphrodite. Though you could say that there are only 3 since a Hermaphrodite is only a male and a female, and thus not a unique gender, or that there are only 2 since agender is the lack o a gender therefore not a gender, but these are all legitimate answers as to what gender you are, so you could say that are are 4 or 2
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-10T19:42:46.147
I would argue that it's a little more fluid than that, but the nature of gender choice isn't important. What matters is the understanding of different genders and the fact that there are more than two
TheChristian says2016-09-10T19:57:02
Not a choice, and there are more. Including bigender
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-10T19:59:51.807
By choice I mean, what your brain will identify as. I would never call being transgender a choice, but choice was just the word that popped to mind
harrytruman says2016-09-10T20:08:23.850
It's not a choice, it's a claim. And a demonstrably false one at that.
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-10T20:10:32.847
How is being transgender a claim?
harrytruman says2016-09-10T20:15:17.813
You claim that you are a gender aside from your biological gender, there is no way to prove it
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-10T20:20:36.527
It doesn't need to be proven. Gender is entirely psychological however, and so it could be reasonably proven with psycho analytics
stemaclean says2017-11-30T17:43:12.843
You are altering the definition of gender to suit your agenda. You are now claiming that gender is psychological, when the most you can ACTUALLY stretch it is to the point where we agree that things we associate with gender are largely socially constructed. Having long hair does not make you a girl, it is a social convention. Fixing cars does not make you a guy, it is a social convention. The core definition of how you split up male and female does not change in considering these attributes placed with a person's gender on a social basis.
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