• Yes, there is only 2, in my opinion.

    Look the people that I have seen talk about this have said that they (some) feel both male and female, some feel like gender fluid and a lot of things, but only because you feel this way or like this specific thing does not mean you need a gender so you can differ from others.

    Posted by: SGR
  • There are only two genders.

    Those genders are male and female. There's really no such thing as transgender. No matter what gender you identify as, no matter how many hormone injections and plastic surgeries you have, you will ALWAYS be the gender you were born as. Facts don't care about your feelings. If you were born a man you are a MAN If you were born a woman you are a WOMAN. Go and be transgender if you like. It is not my place to stop you and you are free to chose how you live your life but I certainly don't have to agree with you. It's fact. Male and female are the ONLY genders. Not another can be added.

  • Absolutely, positively purely biological.

    Without getting into bogus politics about "transgendered" people, I am simply going to say, yes, there are two genders.

    You can get into semantics and talk about hermaphrodites being a third gender, but even they are largely identified with one gender or the other, depending upon the features the body exhibits in sexual maturity.

  • There are only two natural genders of humanity: Masculine and feminine.

    Any claim of "sex and gender are not the same", "gender roles are socially constructed", "gender is psychological" not grounded in the science but in the manner of gender politics or "social science" gone bad.

    In the issue of homo sapiens, male and female are the only existing sexes produced by evolution. Hence, the chromosomes of XX and XY. The claim of Intersex as a possibility as the third sex of humanity is nothing more than false claim because intersexes are an example of chimerism. Chimerism was produced by two embryos fused together. It's the birth defect, not the third sex of humanity.

    The gender roles like masculine and feminine were developed naturally by males and females of humanity. The natural development of gender roles contributed to testosterone and estrogen. This is irrefutable fact.

    Non-binary, agender, GNC and other make-up gender roles are nothing more than the case of gender dysphoria. Remember, social science is pseudoscience and not something to be taken seriously.

    Source for Chimerism:
    Source for gender dysphoria:
    Source for sex chromosomes and sex-linked:
    Source for the development of gender roles linked to the differences in sex, behavior, testosterone, and estrogen:
    Source for why social science being not science:

  • For humans, yes.

    Gender was always synonymous with sex until the PC SJW's decided that they needed a sugar-coated way of defining a mental disorder, and most people still use it that way. And yes, transgenderism is a mental disorder, as it includes dysphoria with physical reality and leads to other mental issues such as social anxiety and depression, even in cases of relatively little societal pressure. To this day, things like transableism and species dysphoria are still classified as such. You don't see many people advocating that someone is actually a cow because they identify as one. And we shouldn't be feeding into it, that's not helping.

    As for agender, it literally means without gender. You could possibly make a case for a third gender with hermaphrodites, depending whether you'd classify a combination of two things as something separate.

  • Only 2 Genders

    There are only 2 genders and anyone who thinks they are not one of those 2 genders has a mental disorder and needs to see a psychiatrist right away so we don't have that trash polluting our society. Also anyone who thinks they aren't male or female is wrong so yeah

  • If there were more genders, there would be more bathrooms!

    Look, there is only two genders for our world and that is simple. You can't be a guy and a female. If a female wants to become a guy and transgenders, well then she becomes a he. If there would be more genders there would be more than two classes of Health at schools. And the other thing is, is that your straight or your not. Bisexual isn't a true thing. You don't actually like a guy and a girl, you just think you do. Your body does not actually find two bodies attractive.

  • Boi... Or girl

    Of course there are only two genders in humans. I don´t need no rainbow unicorn gender person going up to me and saying ¨I identify as a potato today. My pronouns are She, her and they. It´s ridiculous the amount of genders people think there are, your doctor/parent looks and picks one, that´s it! (Not including inter-sexual as a gender because that is debatable.)

  • It is biological

    For humans, which is what we are talking about, not jellyfish or fungi, there are biologically two genders. This crap about gender non binary, or gender fluid, don't even get me started. But there is no such thing as a separate gender for somebody who needs to feel special. I needed more words to post this so that is what this last sentence is for XD.

  • Yes. Facts > Feelings.

    Human beings are born either male or female. Yes, it is true that there have been exceptions, but those are extremely rare and they are considered cases of either a mutation or a deformity. This is simply the truth. Humans are either male or female, and this is determined by what sex they were when they were born. The idea that sex and gender are two separate things is utterly ridiculous and complete nonsense. You can not be a female simply by believing that you are a female. In order to be female, you have to be born a female. It is a biological characteristic, being a female or a male. It is NOT a psychological characteristic. You can identify or call yourself whatever you want, that doesn't mean you are what you say you are. If you were born with a penis, you are a male. If you were born with a vagina, you are a female. If you disagree with that, that's your decision. That doesn't mean that humanity needs to change and alter basic biology in order to fit your views. You can believe that there are more than 2 genders. However, no one has to accept that or believe it as you do.

  • There is a lot of confusion, and it's all unjustified because the truth is very simple

    There are only two sexes. But there are myriad genders. Two often people relate to gender, the same understanding of sex.

    Sex is what is given to you at birth based on your genitalia. It's not a matter of debate unless you get a sex-change. At birth, you are either man, woman, or possibly a hermaphrodite. That is indisputable.

    But it is not so definite or binary with gender. In the issue of gender it is psychological, not a matter of opinion or 'feelz'. There is very little to dispute. There is not a definitive Man or Woman in the human gender identity. There is a Man and a Woman, but there is a whole spectrum in between where people can identify how they wish. Sex is binary, gender isn't

    Source: I am a gender non-conformist in theory

  • There are more than two genders.

    I believe that there are only two genders for humans, but there are more than two in other species. (I know your thinking this is cheap, but the question never specified). For example there is a type of fungi that has 36,000 different genders. There is a type of jelly fish that can actually change gender. Also in Latin (maybe this is a little cheap) there are three genders Masculine, Feminine, Neuter.

  • No no no

    There are 4: male, female, agender, and hermaphrodite. Though you could say that there are only 3 since a Hermaphrodite is only a male and a female, and thus not a unique gender, or that there are only 2 since agender is the lack o a gender therefore not a gender, but these are all legitimate answers as to what gender you are, so you could say that are are 4 or 2

  • Sex and gender are not the same

    Sex and gender are not the same thing. Most people who say "yes" to this end up arguing that there are only two *SEXES*, and they're even wrong about that; there are a number of intersex conditions.

    In short, sex is physical, and most people are within 2 categories of that, and gender is psychological, and though *most* people also fit within two categories as either men or women, there are plenty of others; non-binary, agender, GNC, and various others.

  • MRI scans prove some sort of scale

    The was a study done at the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy that was composed of 23 trans men, 21 trans women, 23 cis women, and 22 cis men. Researchers used a type of MRI scan to measure diffusion of particles across brain matter. Cis women had the highest diffusivity (highest particle movement), and cis men had the least. Trans men were in second, and trans women were in third. This shows that gender is more of a scale/spectrum, with transgender people being more towards the middle.

  • A Common Misconception

    Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex refers to biological components such as genitalia. Gender, in reality is a social construct, therefore allowing it to be whatever you want it to be. You could be male, female, agender or bigender and it wouldn't really matter. It's all about how you feel in your head. There are only 2 sexes but gender is limitless.

  • Gender is not the same as sex! Everyone has a unique mix of male and female characteristics. But we don't need to label all flavours.

    And even biological sex is not a simple black and white. People have multiple biological sex characteristics such as genitalia, chromosomes and hormones. They do not always all fall into male or the female side. Many people have different combinations. Besides that chromosomes come also in other combinations then just XY and XX.
    Some people are born with both male and female genitalia and some with none.

    Yes, these cases are less common. But considering the total of variations other then 100% male or 100% it is clear that in nature biology is not binary. There are plenty of scientific studies that prove this is the case. This is not only so for humans but occurs all over nature.

    Now with gender there are more elements to consider, how a person feels and expresses themselves. Typical male brains have observerable differences to typical female brains. Transgender people have brains that are very similar to the gender they identify as. This has been shown in scientific studies. There is no point in arguing science with opinions. If you are unhappy try to disprove with science or accept your opinion is simply that, an opinion that is contrary to science.

    Sex is not black and white.
    Gender exists.
    People can have a gender that does not match their sex.

    There is male and female biology, and male and female gender. They can be mixed and people can fall in different places in a spectrum between male and female.
    Every person has a unique mix of male and female characteristics that are more or less present. For practical, religious and historical reasons we individually and as a society make a distinctions somewhere. This is not set in stone, it differs in cultures and also on an individual level.

    Does that mean there are only two genders? No I don't think that is a correct statement. Does that mean we need to come up with a million names and constructed genders? I think not. Thats just ridiculous.

    Lets just accept there is masculinity and femininity and people can possess any combination of characteristics of both. Trying to force anyone into male or female categories doesnt make much sense if you accept the truth that there are a myriad of flavours between male/masculinity and female/femeninity.

  • Please Don't Invalidate Others

    To clarify, sex and gender are different things. Sex is biological and there are more than 2 sexes(for instance, intersex) but gender is not necessarily biological.To say that there are only 2 genders is erasing and invalidating people who don't feel like a "girl" or a "boy." Just because someone doesn't have these feelings themself or they don't understand said feelings, this does not mean more genders . For example, someone may not understand calculus, but this doesn't make calculus any less real or valid. If someone has never experienced a complete lack of understanding for the social construct of gender and cannot identify with a gender, then this person is not entitled to say that no one can identify with no gender.

    That said, there are other genders besides girl, boy, and neither. There are so many more, and although many are uncommon, this does not make them any less valid or real.

    Without getting caught up in whether gender really exists or not, someone who can only comprehend and experience two genders or feeling like one gender that is within the gender binary, does not in any way mean there are only two genders. For example, if someone can only comprehend, understand, and imagine only 2 sexualities--for instance, gay and straight--this is no way means that there are only 2. Like gender, there are far more than 2. Both gender and sexuality are identities, and one person cannot dictate other's identities.

    To be told that your identity simply does not exist, or that you are ill for thinking that, is truly invalidating and hateful. Even if you yourself believe that there are only 2 genders, please do not tell people who don't identify with those genders that their gender doesn't exist. If you don't understand it, please just respect and tolerate it.

  • Sex is not gender

    There are 2 sexes (excluding abnormalities, most of the time you will only encounter 2 sexes) but there are many more genders, as "gender" refers to identity. Sex is "do you have a penis," gender is something much, much more complicated. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between sex and gender is pretty fucking dumb. Fuck you.

  • Your gender is NOT your sex

    Get this through your mind:
    SEX = female and male
    GENDER = masculine and feminine

    your sex refers to your biological differences; your chromosomes, hormones, and internal and external sex organs.

    Your gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine

    So while your sex might be female, your gender could be genderfluid, if your sex is male your gender could be transgender.

    This is why they are called 'transgender' or 'genderfluid', not 'transsex' or 'sexfluid'

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Sciguy says2016-09-10T20:32:06.360
There are only two biological Genders. However, there are two mental genders created by the ill.
PlanB says2018-07-03T19:09:24.060
Good point
TheDebater17 says2018-09-18T11:43:17.417
There are only 2 genders and they have roles (to an extent)