There are only two genders. Yes or No? Back up your answer with FACTS not opinions or feelings.

  • Gender and sex are the same thing.

    Many people on here will try to convince you that sex is biological and gender is a social construct. This is not true. Gender and sex are both synonyms for each other. It is impossible for there to be a third gender or more because there are only two chromosome types a baby can have. If a child has a Y chromosome, their sex AND gender is male. If they do not have a Y chromosome, they are female. No matter what gender you believe you are, you are one or the other and it is determined at birth. Gender cannot be changed because you cannot remove the Y chromosome from every cell in the body. Non-binary and trans genders are not actual genders. This does not mean I do not view you as a normal human being, it just means you have a mental illness causing that idea. It IS a mental illness. 'Transgender' people have a suicide rate ranging from 30% to 52%, which is higher than any group of people in the world. This means that if you line up four transgender people, statistically speaking, one or two out of the four will commit suicide. Think about it.

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    If u can't live with the gender u where born with.(either male or female), u can not change it, and u surely cannot make up another gender, u are not a fucking poly-atheist- sans-sexual binary male/pentamale. U r either a male or a female if u say otherwise consult a therapist because some work will need to be done to fix ur fucked up head.

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  • Yes there is

    Ur born boy or girl. Are u born with a fucking pengina? NO! You either have a penis or a pussi. WE ARE NOT DRAGONS! So ur fine. Be a fucking boy or girl i will not let u be someting differnt. Its so stupid. Go commit fucking fork in outlet bitches

  • Only two genders

    I want to start this out by saying that I am not transphobic, Homophobic, Nor do I have anything personal against people who identify as nonbinary. You can be a female who represents herself as masculine without identifying as something like "bigender". The way you dress, Act, And represent yourself is not a determining factor in your gender identification. I'd also like to point out that saying "chromosomes determine your gender". Realistically, Sex and gender aren't the same thing, And gender is defined as being culturally defined- not biologically. Being transgender is not relevant to this debate either, Since transgender is a term for someone who is male-female or vice versa. The only way I would take someone nonbinary seriously is if they were part of the VERY FEW cultures, Usually native american, That believe there are more genders such as two-spirit. Representation of ones self is not the same as gender, And people just understand that just because youre a male or female, You don't have to be accustomed to certain stereotypes, And you also don't need to change your gender identity.

  • There are two. Deal with it.

    Gender and sex are the same thing, And there’s only two. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a special snowflake desperate for the attention they were starved of so much during childhood. Have you seen some of these SJW’s? There were some a while back galloping around a city as horses to debate trump. Yeah, That’ll show him!

  • This is why

    The reason that their only two gender is because you can’t fucken change your gender to the fucken cellar level. That is impossible you can’t just be none of the both genders (MALE/FEMALE) if that was possible you would lose so many cells and that would affect you body a lot

  • There are only two genders. . .

    There are, Has been, And always will be two genders. You can’t keep making shit up just because you want to feel “special”. . . Like you have been for so fucking long! THERE’S ONLY TWO GENDERS BITCH! Point. Blank. Period. . . So stop being dumb humanity. I’m so sick and tired of people trying to explain something that never wants to fucking end and, That doesn’t even make any sense first of all.

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  • Does this mean biology won’t be a class anymore

    If gender wasn’t determined by sex, Then why are there 2 different sexes? Why are men and women scientifically proven to be different? I mean, If sex wasn’t the same as gender than transformation surgeries wouldn’t be a thing. . . . We can’t just change an entire science because we feel like it.

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  • Not by the Oxford definition.

    According to the Oxford definition, the meaning of the term "gender" "is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female." Therefore, the correct answer in this case is NO. Comments welcome.

    I would like to also point out that there's a lack of evidence pertaining to the YES voted thus far.

  • There are multiple different gender types.

    Gender is different from what sex is. Your sex is whether you are born a boy or a girl. Your gender is whether you class yourself as transgender or a boy but in a girl's boy etc.

    They are not the same thing. The definition of gender is different to the definition of sex.

  • There is more than one gender.

    I would like to point out that in ways, there are more than one sex (assigned at birth) and gender (chosen during life). For one thing, people can be born neither male or female, or even both. They could have the genitalia of both sexes. Sex is also based on the type of chromosome. For example: XX are the chromosomes of biological women, and XY are the chromosomes of biological men; there are still other combinations out there (although rare) that are neither of these, so they are technically neither male or female.

    As for gender, it is a matter of opinion. Some disagree and state that you cannot be anything but female or male. I believe you can be other things, such as: gender non-conforming, gender fluid, agender, non-binary, etc., etc.. Gender is decided when a person deems themselves other than the usual female or male, or when a person decides to stick with their assigned sex.

    Overall, gender and sex ARE different things, and there are more than one of both. There are several facts regarding this debate, and if a person believes otherwise, so be it. Gender is a matter of opinion, while for sex, it is a matter of facts. Whatever you believe, you should respect the opinion of others.

  • Why is this so hard to understand?

    Gender is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. Masculine or feminine. Boyish or girlish. It is all based on a societal set of expectations and 'norms' but it is generally a continuum.

    Sex is a BIOLOGICAL fact. If you are born with a penis your 'sex' is male. If you are born with a vagina your 'sex' is female. Occasionally you have people born with both sexual organs but it is not the most common thing.

    Gender Identity is how you personally make sense of yourself and the assumptions, Expectations and norms of the society around you. This is what gets people all het up. You can FEEL more masculine or feminine even though you may have biological features of one sex or another.

    Biological Sex and Gender are two separate things entirely yet people still have this bizarre notion that they are one and the same. It is simply nonsensical.

    The question should really be 'Is it okay to feel you are more masculine when you are a biologically sexed female? ' or vice versa. The answer really is, Who cares? How you feel has no baring on my life so why does it even matter? Well it matters because there are many ignorant people who bang on about 'traditional' ways of thinking without understanding the whole concept at all.

    In short,

    Penis/Vagina, Boobs/Moobs, Testosterone/Oestrogen = biological sex

    Liking sports, Shopping, Certain clothing etc = gender expectations/norms = variable person to person.

  • There are only 2 genders

    Im on this side to make people mad and it might be funny to se feminist get mad becayuse i am masoginistic littel wit boi but. I donyt know wat the hack people sa about 2 genders satin is bad tha thot of two genders is worse me are a male di

  • There are more than two genders

    Trans(gender) - a gender that is different than the individuals assigned sex. (often an umbrella term)
    Non-Binary - A person whose gender id doesnt fit within the female/male binary (umbrella term)

    First in order to know that there are more than 2 genders we must first break down the common misconception that Sex=Gender.

    Definition of Gender, Oxford Dictionary:
    "Either of the two sexes (male and female), especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones. The term is also used more broadly to denote a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female."

    Definition of Sex, Oxford Dictionary:
    "Either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on basis of their reproductive functions."

    As it is clearly stated above in the definitions, sex and gender are two different things. Sex relies on the reproductive system in order to determine either female or male; however, the definition of gender leaves more wiggle room for what it exactly is. From the definition we can say that gender is, essentially, a range of identities based on social and cultural differences. With this given information we can look further into what makes a gender identity, and thus prove that there, are in fact, more than two genders.

    We will now be analyzing the BIOLOGICAL stance on the subject of gender id. In "Sex beyond the genitalia: The human brain mosaic" the way the human brain functions (in terms of sex+gender) shows that almost no individual's brain, regardless of assigned sex, acted 100% like their assigned sex's brain would. This is important to understanding gender on a biological level because in the study it shows that no human functions 100% female or male, but rather, a mix between the two, some being more of a mix than others, this leads to the explaination of individuals that id as a non-binary gender due to the fact that their brains function more in the middle of the brain mosaic spectrum.

    This ties into the PSYCHOLOGICAL portion of gender where trans people's brains were shown to function closer on the spectrum of what they identified as. While there are no studies, that I could find, that talk about the non-binary brain; there are many studies that talk about the transgender brain, and since transgender is an umbrella term, we will include them in the information found. In Scientific American's article, titled "Is There Something Unique about the Transgender Brain?" the concept of differences between the female and male brain are once again discussed. This time, instead of focusing on the genes of the brain, the article focused on the actual thought process, it states that the transgender brain functions closer to that of their gender id, rather than their assigned gender.

    Because of the limiting typing room, Ive to cut it short, if youd like me to go further in depth on this then just ask.

  • Here's the difference

    When researching the topic of gender, I came across a lot of information. The idea of gender was created around the 1950's along with the term gender role, by a man named John Money. He was a sexologist and used the term to help the feminist movement. The term gender was used to specify people by who they were, their physical capabilities, and their sexual preferences. The term gender never started off being the same as sex, and it was never supposed to. Sex is used to refer to your biological sex chromosomes such as XX or XY (There are a few more due to being born differetly). Sex is a term used to identify someone in a more accurate representation.

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