There are reports of shots fired at LAX, and a large police presence is on the scene. Can gun control help reduce these incidents?

  • Fewer guns leads to fewer shootings, but not less violence

    There's no denying that strengthening the requirements and controls around acquiring a gun would reduce the amount of shootings in the U.S. However, the real issue is not the guns themselves, it is the violent tendencies of the individuals who choose to discharge a weapon in public for any reason. It is unlikely that stronger gun control would lead to meaningful differences in the amount of violence.

  • Yes, if access to guns is more tightly controlled these incidents are bound to decrease.

    If fewer people have access to guns and more thorough background checks are made on people before they can purchase guns then the misuse of weapons should decrease. Also, anyone who is diagnosed with certain mental health problems or who is a known criminal should have their rights to bear arms removed.

  • No, because it was a false report.

    This entire report was found to be fabricated, so gun control wouldn't do anything at all to help. Even if it were a terrorist attack or whatever, gun control wouldn't help because the people who follow laws aren't the ones shooting up places to begin with. Notice that all the people who came to "fix" the problem all had guns.....

  • No, gun control will not eliminate such incidents.

    No, the only scenario in which gun control would eliminate any incident is a case of 100% gun control, where absolutely nobody was allowed to own guns and law enforcement was so outlandishly effective that it managed to disarm every single criminal in the country. Since this is not remotely possible, knee-jerk responses calling for more gun control are mere nuisances.

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