There is a button that if pressed causes all suffering to stop, but ends all that lives. Would you press it?

  • I think that I would

    One could apply the same principles that one applies to the suffering of an animal, or even the suffering of a human being: that if the subject's life is characterised more by suffering than non-suffering, then it is a kindness to end it. I am referring to euthanasia of course. If it were possible to determine that there is more suffering in the world than non-suffering, then I'd say it would be a good thing to press the button. Nature is wholly indifferent, and should not be treated as something to respect, it is a cruel mistress (not to personify)

  • I would do it right now if i only could!

    The people who thinks that life is wonderful forget about those (people and animals) who right now suffer from severe pain.... Every second every moment. If you are not sentient to pain of other beings then it is impossible to tell you about any arguments. Thinking about how bad life actually is makes me very unhappy... I don't know how to make the button... How to stop the crazy world. I'm so sorry that I'm so weak.

  • What's the point?

    Suffering is a natural part of existence. If you get rid of all life, then you get rid of much more than suffering. You get rid of joy, happiness, love, laughter, ambition, the exhilaration of competition, and the everyday struggle to survive. The way I see it, the world is just a huge game. There is no honor in walking away from the game.
    Last but not least, you aren't the boss of me. I will survive if I DARN WELL WANT TO! I will suffer, but I will enjoy every moment of my life.

  • No, with no life of course there's no suffering.

    A button that ends all life is by definition at the same time going to end all suffering. But what good could that do? Life brings with it joy and pain, and the suffering of loss, illness, accident, and death comes with living, especially living in a conscious brain. So I would not press the button that ended suffering.

  • No I would not press it

    I would not press a button that if pressed causes all suffering to stop, but ends all that lives because i feel like that is not my place to end anything that lives. I believe that it is a higher power for that so he will be the person to make the decision on who lives and who does not.

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