There is a law in Kentucky that citizens must bathe once a year, should states review their arcane laws and abolish them?

  • Yes, it is more than about time

    We have all come across those headlines, whether on the internet or as a side item from the nightly news, about really weird and out-dated laws on the books for several states. Even Uncle Sam cannot escape the same problem. Let's pick on Kentucky because frankly, what a horrible law to begin with, whenever that might have been. If you have to have a law to enforce bathing, should it not be a wee bit more often?

  • Yes, the arcane laws should be abolished

    The example of a law in Kentucky regarding bathing is arcane and unnecessary. Because laws have to be enforced, it is cumbersome to keep any outdated laws on the books and it is confusing as well. As long as the process for abolishing arcane laws is not an expensive task for the state, it should be deleted.

  • Yes states should remove arcane laws from the books.

    There is no logical reason to keep invalid, arcane and just plain stupid laws on the books. It wastes the state's resources by publishing them and it insult the citizens of the state by the mere fact they are kept in effect. The legal system is stress as it it, these laws just add to that stress.

  • Yes, they should abolish the law to bathe once a year.

    The law in Kentucky that states that a person must bathe once a year is outdated. I don't know of anyone that only bathes once a year, but it definitely shouldn't be illegal. Kentucky is notoriously conservative, which is why they would have such a law in place. I think that if a person doesn't want to bathe, they shouldn't be penalized for it. It's their own choice whether or not to take a shower or bath.

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