There is a rumor drug lord El Chapo has escaped from prison again. Should he be put to death?

  • El Chapo deserves the dealth penalty

    Notorious drug lord El Chapo has allegedly escaped from prison once more. It's time to catch him and put him to death so that he cannot continue to smuggle drugs. Killing him will put a dent in the drug trade and therefore end violence in the region that he operated in.

  • No, El Chapo should be allowed his to serve prison time

    The drug lord El Chapo is very clever at escaping from prison but that does not prompt the death penalty for him. He should be kept under stricter confinement and more security. It shows how the prison environment needs to improved for more secure holdings and monitoring of problem prisoners. Also his sentence should be extended for each escape the he has made.

  • El Chapo Should Stand Trial in the U.S.

    El Chapo is a notorious drug lord and gangster, and if the rumor is true that he escaped prison, then he will have escaped three separate times now. If that is the case, when he is recaptured, he should be immediately extradited to the U.S. to stand trial. The U.S. would do a better job of imprisoning him, and would be able to mete out a sentence that is just.

  • He hasn't escaped, and he shouldn't be executed.

    The only reason he should be executed is because he has killed others, but not because he escapes from federal prisons. Besides, it's the job of law enforcement and correction agencies to keep their inmates, no matter how dangerous, safe and contained within the lot of the prison, and if necessary, to use brutal force.

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