• Excessive sufferings and injustice in this world PROVES that NO "all powerful benevolent" God could possibly exist

    The fact that is excessive amounts of suffering and injustice, Plus all the horrible terrible living conditions (eg. Disease, Famine, War, Poisons, Natural disasters, Carnivores, Short lifespan, Massive wealth inequalities. . . Etc. ) in this world PROVES that no all-powerful and benevolent supreme God can exist.

    At best, Such a god is powerless to help anyone. At worst, Such a God is uncaring, Or even downright malicious, Enjoying this world's living beings' sufferings, While imposing unjust tyranny. Such a powerful God is just like a demon, And every living being should be in opposition to such horrible demon.

    Therefore amy arugment supporting "one single supreme god" just simply falls apart due ample amounts of evidences of horrible sufferings and injustices in this world - proving that such a God is either a powerless fraud or a downright horrible malcious demon. There is no God, Period.

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