• School uniforms should be banned.

    It is not fair for kids to wear uniforms. Kids with uniforms, Get only 2 days or school breaks to wear Whatever they want. If in class It's too hot, Kids have nothing to deal with it. What if uniforms are Dirty? You gotta get in trouble by not wearing Uniforms, even tho they are dirty.

  • School Uniforms Restrict Expressing Yourself!

    As kids, and adolescents, and teenagers, we should all have the right to find out who we really are. Schools say to express yourself and be yourself, yet clothing restricts part of it. No need for school uniforms, us
    people should have the right to wear what we want to school!

  • They are ok

    Uniforms help with cliques, not that they completely go away, but a lot of people are popular/unpopular because of what they wear. It takes up a lot of time in the morning to decide what to wear in a school with no uniforms because that adds to your social status, and time is an important thing. Because you save time, you can sleep in. And because you sleep in, you do better in school. Also, it saves a lot of money so you can do more fun things, and get nicer hangout clothes.

  • I think uniforms should be needed at schools

    Students feel more professional and confident

    *Easier Mornings
    Students don't have to stress out tryna find a close that
    impresses their friends

    Students don't have to compete to see who is cooler or prettier
    and they will focus on their educations more than their

    *Dress code Control
    modesty issues, visible logos, offensive text on clothing, gang
    colors, and symbols
    *An even Playing field
    by having all children dressed the same, there is a decrease in
    bullying and teasing.
    *School Spirit
    develop a stronger team mentality. Sense of unity
    *Weekend style
    With all the money a parent saves by not having to buy day-to-
    day clothes, they can choose to let their children buy a few
    nicer and more fashionable pieces for weekends and evenings.

    *simple Economics
    Saves lots of money!! Students won't have to buy clothes
    every season instead they get a couple cloth for all season
    from school

    *Less bullying
    some people get bullied b/c of what they wear

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