• National Socialist Does Not Mean NAZI

    Hitler only added "Socialist" to his party name to attract socialists to join him. 99% of socialists (at least in America) don't believe in a dictatorship socialism. Democratic socialism is what we all agree is good. No one supports concentration camps. The fact that people nowadays conflate socialism with nazism means that Hitler has succeeded.

  • There is nothing wrong with being one

    The purpose of life is to benefit and reproduce your race as much as possible. Any other opinion about nooo everything is a big circus and its about having as much fun as possible is nonsense.

    In a world where evoloutionary pressures are largely removed we need to self impose them to lead the race in an eugenic and progressive direction.

  • There is nothing wrong with being one

    First of all the statement is quite vague because it doesnt matter which ideology you support. Everyone ideology has its pros and cons. Socialism is great in theory. If you are a national socialist it doesnt mean you are going to turn out like stalin or hitler. It just means you believe in an utopian world - which is practically impossible.

  • Those words have multiple meanings.

    People just throw those words around and it blurs the meaning of what it is. Yell commie and socialist. The Nazis were national socialists but Italy was Fascist and all ally of the axis.
    Honestly it doesn't even matter because there is a villain right now.

    America where they sprayed agent orange and made people have birth defects. OR america where they killed people for cheap Bananas and they hid the history. America where they rip off Native Americans every chance they get.
    America where the CIA did Cointelpro against black people.
    America where they created the drug trade to import heroin, And created the cartels.
    Did the CIA united radical Muslims to fight against the Russians? They became a group that later did became terrorists.

    America that has a Pedophiles running around with presidents and with this current one. You can yell but its only Hollywood and left wingers but they are all friends with each and with the right winger too.

    There is no right side so it does not matter with what you are because people will always suffer by those in power. The Clinton Dynasty or the Trump Dynasty they are all evil people.

  • Agreed, Everyone has different opinions

    If you're a Nazi, I don't mind it. We shouldn't say it's wrong to have a different political ideology we should instead have free and open debate and let the best ideas rise to the top. In order to have that we should have as little stigma as possible to any new idea so that we can discuss anything without being shamed for believing in a certain way. In short the answer is free and open debate, Not shaming tactics

  • You have right to be different and have a political ideology.

    The utter contempt for diversity by today's internationalist left wing groups, Funded by many ceo's and millionares, Show us that we are indeed better off with a system that values nationalism and loyality to people who share the same ethical and cultural values.

    It may not be perfect, But countries like Israel which protect their people and their history and go to extreme lenghts to ensure the existence of their people benefit from outstanding high quality of life and they succed in almost everything.

    Google samsons option and dancing israelis and uss liberty, They go to any length to have their way and we should too.

  • National Socialism gets a bad wrap

    National Socialism started as a movement in Italy that turned into from one of the poorest countries in Europe into a moderate one. Yes military it wasn't as strong as other nations but the average Italian had a better life style under its wings than they ever did with the Liberal Party. Nazi Germany was the same way, Hitler rebuild the country from the ground up and made it strong, A unpopular opinion was that Fascist took the guns away from the people, That is a false notion.

  • Being a National Socialist is not positive.

    If you support the national socialist party, The excessive nationalism and state controlled system will invade other countries constantly, Resulting in global scale total war with all nations on earth as well as the mass genocide of Jews, Human experimentation, Countless death and destruction. Nationalist Socialists ignore international law and basic human rights. This ideology is radicalized beyond common sense. Being an National Socialist is essentially evil.

  • Don't be one

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  • Socialism always causes unspeakable horrors

    Socialism demonizes the upper class members of society and calls for its lower class members to violent overthrow and subjugate them. There exists a multitude of different brands of it that interpret this call to violent revolution and class warfare differently, Which can be split mostly into two main types- communism and fascism, The latter of which includes National Socialism (Nazism). Communism tends to forcefully redistribute wealth and property evenly to make everyone equal, Whereas fascism puts a lot of focus on race tends to redistribute it all to compensate for past disparities between different racial and ethnic groups. Both ideologies put too much faith in government and fail to account for differences in individual choices that may lead to the different and therefore unequal outcomes that manifest in society, Choosing instead to attribute all inequality to societal injustice. Ergo, Socialism can only lead to corruption, Misery, Oppression, And death, As big government leads to oppression and corruption, Not to mention power abuse, And forceful redistribution of wealth with no regards to merit leads to inequality and injustice.

  • Being a socialist at all is wrong.

    Whether it's national or international socialism, Both are morally and economically bankrupt and lead to gulags or concentration camps.

    One venerates the state while the other sees the state as a means to the inevitable communist utopia. National socialism in particular has a racial element that has lead and will lead to genocide.

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