There is only one Truth, but there are many ways to perceive it

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  • Every mans truth is within himself.

    Man has contemplated the mystery that is life and does not have the ability to grasp the enormity of things infinite and unknown, and this frightens him. Being of the level of intelligence that he is he knows that if he imagines or is given an explanation and believes it within himself the story will be his truth. This can be likened to a small child being so terrified of something in the closet that they will not sleep until you close the flimsy timber slat door or another child who believes he is safe from the same unknown terror with a thin sheet pulled over their head. Both believe what it takes to feel safe. Each has their own truth. Such is the strength of belief required for a truth to become reality man has committed atrocities to reaffirm it in the form of self mutilation/ flagellation, sacrifice, murder, and wars against those who would challenge or deprive them of their truth. Such is the strength for the need for this protection from the unknown a man can be forced to abandon his truth and adopt another's through the threat of death, another unknown. Some men are not as easily satisfied with stories and closing the closet door and believe the truth can be explained factually one unknown at a time. To ancient people who feared the darkness of night the sun was the bringer of warmth and security from the darkness therefore all powerful and godlike. These men studied debated and agreed that our world was spinning around the sun scientifically and demand physical proof or an agreed theory until proof is found. To them Knowledge is the way to the truth.

  • It All Depends On Your Point Of View

    There is the perfect answer, which surpasses all others in every way, then there are the rest that solve the problem with various amounts of success. This is mearly an example of this philosophy, depending on your perspective on any situation you will always than someone else, however both of you might be correct, or not.

  • There is one Truth, But many ways to perceive it

    https://mythgyaan. Com/blind-men-and-the-elephant/
    The Blind Men and the Elephant by John Godfrey Saxe
    See the above link. This is a perfect allegory describing our world.

    It was six men of Indostan, To learning much inclined,
    who went to see the elephant (Though all of them were blind),
    that each by observation, Might satisfy his mind.

    The first approached the elephant, And, Happening to fall,
    against his broad and sturdy side, At once began to bawl:
    'God bless me! But the elephant, Is nothing but a wall! '

    The second feeling of the tusk, Cried: 'Ho! What have we here,
    so very round and smooth and sharp? To me tis mighty clear,
    this wonder of an elephant, Is very like a spear! '

    The third approached the animal, And, Happening to take,
    the squirming trunk within his hands, 'I see, ' quoth he,
    the elephant is very like a snake! '

    The fourth reached out his eager hand, And felt about the knee:
    'What most this wondrous beast is like, Is mighty plain, ' quoth he;
    'Tis clear enough the elephant is very like a tree. '

    The fifth, Who chanced to touch the ear, Said; 'E'en the blindest man
    can tell what this resembles most; Deny the fact who can,
    This marvel of an elephant, Is very like a fan! '

    The sixth no sooner had begun, About the beast to grope,
    than, Seizing on the swinging tail, That fell within his scope,
    'I see, ' quothe he, 'the elephant is very like a rope! '

    And so these men of Indostan, Disputed loud and long,
    each in his own opinion, Exceeding stiff and strong,
    Though each was partly in the right, And all were in the wrong!

    So, Oft in theologic wars, The disputants, I ween,
    tread on in utter ignorance, Of what each other mean,
    and prate about the elephant, Not one of them has seen!

    John Godfrey Saxe

  • 1 truth, false perceptions

    There is only 1 truth. Many people may perceive it differently yes, however only 1 of those ways is the actual truth. The other ways are just wrong. The problem is that no one wants to accuse the other person of being wrong. The truth is 1 thing, not many.

  • No. There is no one truth BECAUSE there are many ways to perceive it.

    For example, there is the color perception argument. My perception of purple may be different from another person's perception of color. If we've been taught to look at certain colors and label them, we accept the way the color looks. This conformity would allow us to converse about the color of an object through labeling rather than the actual essence of the color. There is also the chair argument. If a person were to ask you what a chair was, a common response would be "it's something you sit on," but that does not completely define the essence of the chair because you can sit on the ground, a table, or on a stool. What makes each other these objects different?

  • Jesus is the only Way

    There is only one Truth and only one Way to that Truth. That is through
    Jesus Christ, the Son of God. If there were many ways to reach God, Jesus need not come to die on the Cross for our sins. We sinned against a holy God and only God can save us. That's why He came to this earth 2,000 years ago to save us.

  • Depends whether the truth is subjective or objective

    Every question demands a truth, if we consider a question like, "What is happiness?" you'll get a subjective answer and thus the truth would also be subjective. Although if you define truth as objective, then there aren't different ways to perceive an objective truth, nature doesn't change and the way you perceive it doesn't change as well.

  • ONE Truth, One Perseption

    Although I say that there is one, there could be different ways to act upon that one Truth.
    Like in the Bible, this person might have a talent in music, so he became a musician to worship God, while that person is good at writing, so she became a writer to testify about God. We aren't perceiving different, we are all doing the same thing except in different reaction.
    If this is about other religions, all I could say is that there is one way. Just think about God and Life. Look around the world, look into your Heart. What is the Right thing in this World? What is True?

  • There are no absolutes

    Truth is a perception. The root word for eye derives from the Hebrew word/letter Ayin, which synonymously means spring or fountain. The human mind does not have the faculty to consider all when perceiving the world around us as our senses are limited. We therefore, projects the most reasonable sense of the world like a fountain.

  • 1 truth, one ultimate way.

    Interpretations of reality are the manifestation of the lack of knowledge. With ultimate knowledge, we view and act in the universe with absolute logical necessity. In small doses, we we solve problems absolutely and there is a scientific consensus. Perfect Spinozism. The whims of many cannot overtake knowledge itself; we have to realize a perfect technocracy.

  • No it's not

    There's only one truth and one way to understand it. It's called realism. There's also pessimism and optimism. You cannot change what happens just by perceiving it differently so there is only one true way to perceive the truth. Perspectives of the truth are either true or false. Like true or false questions.

  • 1 truth, false perceptions.

    There is only 1 truth. Many people may perceive it differently yes, however only 1 of those ways is the actual truth. The other ways are just wrong. The problem is that no one wants to accuse the other person of being wrong. The truth is 1 thing, not many.

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