There needs to be a critical thinking class in school from K-12.

Asked by: AthiestQueen
  • I've never thought of this

    But it's a great idea!

    Teaching people how to properly analyze data and disregard meaningless, dubious, or illogical information at a young age could be a very wise investment.

    Just think of all the problems that we'd be rid of if the majority were resistant to being fooled by fallacious arguments, false statistics, and illogical sources.

  • This needs to happen.

    I think it would do wonders for the emotional intelligence of the student body, there would be less arguing, fights, and we would be creating a more understanding loving caring generation. Unfortunately I think many people would be against it. Here is how I would want it to work, you would be told to find the top 5 things that you feel very strongly against, and then once they do that they (students) would be told to write an essay supporting the OTHER side. I think that many parents would be against this and would try and wiggle out because of religious or other reasons, I would make it a required class to take and pass for graduation. Just think about it though, it could really help open people’s eyes and be more understanding and find ways to go about a discussion or debate in a civil, mannerly way, without yelling and cursing and what not. I think that you could be the smartest person in the world but if you don’t have critical thinking skills, you won’t be able to properly display that intelligence in a way that others will positively respond to. All that intelligence is almost completely useless. I mean we need to start understanding and caring for our fellow human, and if I have to force you to be tolerant and understanding I will. I think that the classes should start ASAP. I also think that home-schoolers should be forced to have someone come in and help teach them that. There should also be a government regulated standard test that the kid has to pass or like an essay, that they have to send to a local school and have it approved and if it isn't then the kid is sent to a mainstream school. I know that a lot of you reading this might think I am extreme but if that is the only way to start on a peaceful world than so be it. I really think that people need more common sense, now I know that there are a lot of people out there that wouldn't need it, but you can always get better, and the ones that don’t have critical thinking skills are the ones that cause the most ruckus.

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