There’s a new disease in debate. Org and it’s loki’s Fault

  • Loki made a disease called the gay butt disease

    The disease goes up inside you and it makes you want to just put your d1ck in an ass and just f8ck like no tomorrow. Seriously this is a buttf3ck disease and it already made billy maguire, Anti bully, Starlord and jamal do some serious buttsex that was insane. It even got to gamora and bully maguire aunt and starlords mommy and I think before they had all these sex fantasies, Starlord was buttfücking his mom and bully maguire was büttfücking his aunt before they got together with anti bully, Pretty soon they’ll be looking for new victims and Loki gave it to himself and he’s the biggest pervert of them all so don’t hesitate to stay the hell away from them. I hope the kids at Doombiego are ok

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