• Yes embrace it

    Embrace the big nudist culture and the pooping culture we need this shit irl. Come on you know you wanna dance with the ladies while their shitting all over the floor. You know you wanna dance in their shit. You know you want to have them lift their butt over you and take a big steamy pile of dump on your face

  • Oh come on dance and poop on stage

    Imagine all the Asians (especially Japanese ladies) that will be dancing and farting and pooping all over the place while naked. That pretty much is everything a guy wants to see so why not? This should totally be a business idea and whoever takes this idea should profit off it. Actually looking forward to seeing this

  • Well I don’t see why not

    The world is full of craziness why don’t we open something crazy up to express our craziness or see some insane performance! You guys all must be right wing social conservative Christians who are so worried about sin. (Yes I’m being serious) you need to just loosen up a little and just let it happen

  • Yes come on you know you wanna see naked women pooping

    Come on you all wanna see a bunch of women farting and pooping and going diagrea on each other, The type of poop art men wanna see, Especially from fat women who are going to go giant moldy diarrhea that’s super green, Watching their giant buttcheeks release a giant bag of shit. Oh yeah you like that. Wonder what the skinny chicks will be doing

  • Excuse me what the f**k

    Why? Why? WHY? Why would ANYONE watch that disgusting filth? WHY? That stuff is degenerate? Outside of the BLATANTLY obvious moral qualms with a horrid show like that, It likely would get real old, Real fast, UNLESS you have a degenerate scat fetish. Why would literally ANYBODY think this is a good idea?

  • That sounds terrible.

    What does this even mean? Why on earth do you want such a show? I personally cannot look forward to such a show with any satisfaction whatsoever. This is actually so foolish. Like if seeing a woman naked is what you want then I think you can do it more personally rather than hosting a show where a few naked women shit around in front of an audience.

  • What we have come to?

    Every day we stray further from morality or even sanity. Cone on, Such things should not be put up on a show, Instead, You need to enjoy it in person, Feeling butt-bursting waves of gas, Inhaling that meadow bouquet of smell. Watching TV instead of taking active part in pooping and farting is another reason why The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

  • Wtf no that is nasty

    I do not want to see that, It sounds like one of the worst show ideas ive ever heard. Disgusting, Nasty, Gross, Inhumane would describe that well. The only people who want to see that are gross excuses of humans who should not have this fantasy fulfilled. I am an atheist but I will say this, You need Jesus

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emilygf52 says2021-01-11T20:49:44.920
Man what

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