There should be more nuclear power plants built in the U.S.

Asked by: shaddamcorrinoIV
  • It's a good idea....

    In my opinion this is not a better idea to prohibit the production of nuclear power by countries.
    Everything in this world has some positive and some negative aspects and to just banning a thing just because anyone uses it with ill purpose is not a good thought.
    As some of my dear friends said here that how much hazardous the use of nuclear power is, even life taking in the form of nuclear weapons and nuclear bombs. So production of nuclear power should be stopped for the sake of humanity.
    I agree with them and all supporters of this idea to some extent but not fully.
    If we see the miracle power of nuclear and handle it properly we can bring a bright successful future for humanity.
    My idea for the best energy option is nuclear energy. It’s great as it can produce lots of energy from a very small amount of atoms. It is a neutral energy source which means it gives off the same amount of carbon that it saves. This will be good as it will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that we release from fossil fuels, this will help stop global warming.
    Nuclear energy is not very expensive which can help our economy expand. Our country can make more profit and get even further out of the recession.
    On the subject of economy, many more jobs will be made if we create more nuclear power plants, we can have less unemployment. Also, the fact that nuclear power plants are quite high-tech could mean that we make more important and scientific discoveries.
    On the other side I think there needs to be strict regulations and safety precautions when dealing with nuclear energy and followed by countries.
    On conclusion note I must say the nuclear power is the sign of progress for countries and it should not be prohibited.

  • Too costly & TOO Risky!

    There's plenty of reasons. All anyone needs to do is look at the current situation...From the behind time/over budget new builds, to the early retirement of reactors, because they are uneconomical, to the ongoing 3 core melt down in Fukushima (no technology exists to deal with it), to the highly radioactive reactor waste piling up on site of every nuclear power station (again no real solution)....To terrorism.

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