• Zoos are disaster for animals

    Imagine you being an animal in a small cage, people laugh at you all the time, you don't have space to move your feet, you are hungry all the time and you are very lonely. Well, that's what the animals in the zoos are thinking about. We need to save them!

  • No there shouldn't be zoos

    There shouldn't be zoos because what is the point of keeping them in there for the whole day, people laugh at them, there locked up in cages and never can come out they are stuck in there, If you were a animal would you like to be locked up all day!

  • Why you shouldn't have zoos!

    Because it is animal captivity. And you need to respect the animals they are like humans to you know they shouldn't be treated like crap and get by with it they can go to jail for that too you know and they need to go to jail for it !


    There shouldn't be zoos because what's the point about being locked up if all people are going to do is just watch you and laugh at you. Even the best zoo's treat animals badly. The San Diego zoo is a great zoo but not for animals. If animals have to go to zoos because their habitat is dying it still won't be a good idea to take the animals to a zoo.

  • Sanctuaries, not zoos.

    Studies have pointed out that even well-intentioned zoos like San Diego zoos end up hurting the animals - the animals are much better off not being in zoos than being in them. I know the education argument, but do you really think you learn more looking at real gorillas than by watching a video of Jane Goodall talking about gorillas? As for the conservation argument - that's why we should have sanctuaries, rather than schools.

  • Sadly no there shouldn't be zoos, only sanctuary's

    I honestly love zoo's, I really do. I love being up close to animals and watching them. However it isn't about me or you, it's about the welfare of the animals. Don't get me wrong some zoo's do a great job and have done some great fundraising.
    Animals should not be moved half way around the world, even if they are dying in their natural habitat or have been rescued. If they can create many enclosures all around the world, can they not build one big enclosure/sanctuary where the animals belong. In the climate they belong, together.
    Which would in return save money, transporting the food they need and cheaper for the upkeep of the enclosure.
    Why should animals be kept in cages for our entertainment? If you want to experience wild life...Go to the wild.
    You wouldn't like to be jailed for someone else's amusement so why wish it on animals you love?

  • Day out with family

    Zoos are good for walking and a day out for families like mine they live longer in zoos than in the wild they don't stand a chance there some animals can not run and killed hunters like to shoot animals for no reason or money or to eat by cam and jay

  • Operation no more zoos!! >=(

    Who wants to join me for a war? A war where we fight against animal rights. Animals are living things too and I don't think zoos realize that. So whoever thinks that zoos are safe then they can die in HELL!!! No more zoos!!! No more zoos!! No more zoos!!

  • Zoos are evil

    Zoos think they can hurt animals like they are bugs but they're not they are giants to the smallest of rock I say nobody should go to zoos they are treating animals with no respect ZOOS need to be stopped now before they hurt any other animals now ! ! !

  • I love zoos. It got me to want to preserve animals in the wild.

    I love going to zoos. The orangutan exhibit in Washington DC is a prime example. They have the ability to swing out above the people on swing lines and even take a dump on the zoo goers. Once, I snuck into a demonstration where Azi, a male orangutan, was part of a language experiment. It consisted of a computer screen and the orangutan would identify the food on the other side of a glass wall and would receive it as a reward. Then they put a banana on the other side of the screen and he would only select banana for the rest of the demonstration. The idiot scientist couldn't understand it when it was obvious he was telling them he wanted another banana. Also, when visiting the orangutan exhibit, a large male orangutan snuck up on me and put his face on the window when I was looking at another orangutan.. Didn't notice him until my wife pointed it out to me. LOL. I remember as a child being able to feed peanuts to the elephants. Also, when I was young, a gorilla stole a hose and would crimp it until people would come by and then spray them with the hose. Zoos are a great experience and made me realize how wonderful these animals were.

  • Zoos help protect certain species of animals and allow youths to be more environmentally aware.

    Most zoos have very strict rules about how to ethically treat animals so that they have happy lives. To believe that living in a zoo is as simple as living in a cage is a ignorant idea.

    Zoos provide habitats for animals that have become rare, such as pandas. They not only allow these animals to be able to survive and reproduce, but also show their plight to the world. How else would youth, in whose hands rests the future, understand about why animal protection is important.

    Going to zoos is a great, fun day out, but it's also filled with learning new knowledge, especially being able to feel love and sympathy for the animals and in turn taking environmentally friendly to help them. (e.G. Children might be less inclined to throw plastic bags everywhere once they realize that the beautiful dolphins might die because of them.)

  • This is really being consider??????

    Why Oh Why would people consider zoos bad? Well I think that this is really should not happen. Why? Because Zoos are used to protect animals if u take that away not only will the animals who lived in the zoo all their life would need to learn how to live in the wild they would have to learn how to hunt and protect them self from predators.

  • There should definitely be zoos

    You guys are forgetting that zoos help animals from becoming extinct, they are not just for fun. Many zoos breed endangered animals and help them back into the wild. In the future, there is no doubt that many more animal species will become extinct but not if we have them in zoos. Plus the San Diego zoo treats there animals very well with big, natural enclosures, good food and enrichment, and much more.

  • Zoos preserve life

    Sure zoos domesticate wild animals against their will but if it weren't for zoos some of the animals in captivity would be extinct. Zoos house the most beautiful creatures and probably the most remote. Sure you can say they don't think like that but does it matter? If they're saving animals does it matter their intentions?

  • I love Zoos

    Zoos are awesome! Why shouldnt there be zoos? Zoos kids love and love to come see all the animals. Plus, if there were animals everywhere loose there would be wild animals everywhere. Yes I think it would be bad locked in a cage all your life but its for fun!

  • Exposure to cultures is a good thing

    While zoos may be considered harsh, that is no meaning to the people who visit. When you visit a zoo you get a small experience of some of the culture of different lands by getting to see some of the animals that they see on a daily basis. I love going to the zoo, its always so fascinating to see different animals from different lands.

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