There was a possible pipe bomb on the Northeast Corridor Train Line, Have terrorists changed your behavior?

  • Terrorists have changed behaviors in all of us

    The pipe bomb on the Northeast Corridor Train Line is another example of terrorism. As someone who has recently moved from the Midwest to Washington D.C., the new tangibility of these fears have made me leery of public transportation and I fear for my wife when she has to travel into the city.

  • I am more alert

    I live in Washington, DC and so I am very alert when I am out and about, especially on trains and buses and near important buildings. More than once I have reported a suspicious bag, and once I reported a UHaul truck that was parked for a long time in an area I knew wasn't residential.

  • No, terrorists have not changed my behavior.

    Terrorists have not changed the behavior of most Americans. Yes, many are concerned about the rise of lone wolf terrorists attacks. However, Americans don't back down in the face of fear either. Most are likely to continue their daily routines without much disruptions. The goal of terrorism is to get people to change their behavior, so Americans should not allow terrorists this win.

  • No, terrorists have not changed how I behave.

    Terrorism is scary, but letting it change your behaviors is exactly the point of terrorism. I could get hit by a car tomorrow. My heart could stop beating for no reason. Any of us could die at any point. It's important to live while you are here regardless of the potential threat of terrorism.

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