There was an assault on a train in Wurzburg. Is this connected to terrorism?

  • Many of these attacks resulted as a cause of sponsorship from terrorist organizations.

    Out of many of the attacks we have seen in the past six months, ISIS or other terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility. It is important to understand people don't go insane and cause these attacks out of the blue. A more powerful entity is at work here. Most likely being the terrorist organizations we are battling today.

  • Yes, this is clearly another terrorist attack.

    This individual was found to have a home-made ISIS flag at his home and the attack was clearly intended to evoke terror. This is another in a growing number of individuals implementing attacks based on ISIS and other radical Islamic groups in an effort to spread terror around the world.

  • Yes it is

    Islamic State has claimed an Afghan teenager who attacked passengers on a train in Germany with an axe on Monday night as one of its 'fighters'. Earlier on Tuesday, the interior minister said a hand-drawn Isil flag was found in the room of the 17-year-old, whose attack left three seriously injured.

  • No, the assault on a train in Wurzburg is not connected to terrorism

    No, the assault on a train in Wurzburg is not connected to terrorism. Everything negative that happen o this country is not connected to terrorism. It does not make sense to believe that every criminal act that takes place, no matter how large or small, may be in some way connected with terrorism.

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