There's a biker gang who sit in courtrooms to help sexually abused kids feel relaxed when giving evidence. Do bikers get a bad rap?

  • Yes, bikers do get a bad rap.

    Bikers are one of the many groups in the United States that are looked down on based on nothing more than their appearance and unusual lifestyle. There is nothing inherently wrong with joyriding, dressing in leather, or having a loud vehicle. As with any group, there will be bad apples or even large sections of trouble makers but there are also many bikers such as these that strive to make the world a better place.

  • Bikers get a bad rap

    In today's society, bikers get a bad rap. Previously, bikers were rough and tumble people that were part of a gang. That is no longer the case. Many bikers ride for recreation, and are productive members of society. They even do rides to raise awareness and money for charitable causes

  • Bikers have big hearts.

    Most bikers I know have huge hearts and are extremely kind. They are willing to give you the shirt off their back if needed. The fact that there is a gang that sit in a courtroom to help kids stand up for themselves shows how feeling they are. Not all gangs are as thoughtful and considerate, but the majority of groups I have ever known have been very upstanding.

  • No, bikers don't get a bad rap.

    No, bikers don't get a bad rap from the public. Many biker gangs are praised for their involvement in fundraising, charitable organizations and memorial bike rides. In my experience, I see many stories touting the good things biker gangs do. I rarely read articles that paint biker gangs in a negative light.

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