There's Something About Tilly: Sylvia Tilly from Star Trek: Discovery

  • An Ode to Sylvia Tilly & Other Stuff

    Online there are some good articles about Sylvia Tilly from
    Star Trek: Discovery, They are
    1. From twincitiesgeek. Com an article is titled
    "An Ode to Star Trek: Discovery's Sylvia Tilly" on May 13, 2019
    by Danielle Indovino Cawley
    2. From io9. Gizmodo. Com an article on 2/05/18 titled
    "My Favorite Character on Star Trek: Discovery Is the One I Initially Hated The Most" by Cheryl Eddy
    3. From tvguide. Com an article titled
    "Is Star Trek: Discovery's Tilly on the Autism Spectrum? " by
    Keisha Hatchett on February 7, 2018
    & 4. From, Themarysue. Com an article on October 2, 2017 titled
    "Did Star Trek: Discovery Just Introduce a Recurring Character on the Autism Spectrum? " by Teresa Jusino
    Autism is Nothing to be ashamed of, It's what makes Sylvia Tilly a great character on the Show

  • Yes, Mary Wiseman is superb as Sylvia Tilly

    In Star Trek: The Official Magazine Issue #76 for
    September 2020 by Titan Magazines, The front cover says
    "Star Trek: Discovery Future Tense" about how Season 3 of Discovery will be taking place in the 32nd century, The year 3188,
    Page 58 of this issue has an article titled
    "There's Something about Tilly" referring to the character of Sylvia Tilly from Star Trek: Discovery Tilly is described as "not cool, Not collected, Not serious, But she is empathic, Fun, She knows how to get people to rally behind her, And she is full of love" the type of woman who would love Kirk, And Kirk would love in return

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