They are 7 hurdles that make Evolution impossible

Asked by: ReyCola2
  • Yes yes yes

    Taken From. . . . Does Evolution have a chanch?

    First, There are over 300 different types of amino acids. However, Only 20 different amino acids are used in life. This means that in order to have life, The selection process for building proteins must be very discriminating.

    Second, Each type of amino acid molecule comes in two shapes commonly referred to as left-handed and right-handed forms. Only left-handed amino acids are used in biological proteins; however, The natural tendency is for left- and right-handed amino acid molecules to bond indiscriminately.

    Third, The various left-handed amino acids must bond in the correct order or the protein will not function properly. 3

    Fourth, If there was a pond of chemicals (“primordial soup”), It would have been diluted with many of the wrong types of amino acids and other chemicals available for bonding, Making the proper amino acids no longer usable. This means there would have been fewer of the required amino acids used to build a biological protein.

    Fifth, Amino acids require an energy source for bonding. 4 Raw energy from the sun needs to be captured and converted into usable energy. Where did the energy converter come from? It would require energy to build this biological machine. However, Before this energy converter can capture raw energy, It needs an energy source to build it—a catch-22 situation. 5

    Sixth, Proteins without the protection of the cell membrane would disintegrate in water (hydrolysis), Disintegrate in an atmosphere containing oxygen, And disintegrate due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun if there was no oxygen present to form the protective ozone layer. 6


    Seventh, Natural selection cannot be invoked at the pre-biotic level. The first living cell must be in place before natural selection can function.

    SO, After all that, Evolution happens from ONE CELL IN A SESS POOL, BS

  • More young earth creationism garbage

    For starters little to nobody beliefs life started out with proteins, Recent research and evidence suggests that RNA and possibly DNA predate protein synthesis entirely, Also because there are over 300 amino acids does not mean that all 300 could have and would have been created in equal quantity on the prebiotic earth.

    Secondly proteins are synthesized by RNA enzymes, Which would have favored use of left handed amino acids as apposed to right handed or hybrid molecules.

    Thirdly amino acids do require energy for bonding, Its almost like life didn't start out with proteins or something. . .

    Fourthly hydrolysis does not happen immediately, The atmosphere of the early earth did not have oxygen in it, Also UV radiation is only a problem under direct constant exposure which would not have happend on a world with a water and day/night cycle, Also the early earth would have been constantly producing these molecules so hydrolysis isn't really a problem.

    Last time i checked viruses and viroids evolve, Also RNA and DNA can evolve under selective pressures like cells, But i love your ignorance on these subjects.

    Young earth creationism garbage

  • Well, Not exactly.

    I'm not an expert and don't no much about amino acids or cells, So I can't serve to fact check what you said or anything, Nor do I outright deny what you said. Let's assume everything you said was true. That's not a problem for evolution. Evolution is about how life diversified, Not how life appeared. That would be abiogenesis. The problems you list here would be applied to abiogenesis, Not evolution. In other words, It's entirely possible that a god created life as the tiniest, Simplest organism. And then evolution explains how we got here today. But these hurdles have no impact on evolution itself.

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imagine.eric1 says2019-10-14T21:56:28.297
I am not sure which side to place my vote, So I will just place my opinion down here. I believe that God created our universe with natural laws, And then used those laws to create everything within the universe. So basically I believe that God created life through Evolution.
ReyCola2 says2019-10-14T23:03:08.873
@imagine. Eric

That means that You are on Yes

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