Things decided by majority rule should be followed at all costs. Do you agree?

Asked by: Soyoung
  • Yes, majority rules

    We are a democracy, and that means we vote as a whole. If we don't do this, we'll have people of a minority deciding that they don't like a law that just passed (like labor union support) and sue claiming it infringes on their rights. It's absolutely absurd to think that a small group of people should decide what is best for everyone. The law of averages states that if enough people vote, the potential harm will be mitigated because most people don't have hate in their hearts.

  • Who gets to decide?

    Since all humans share approximatley the same sense of morality and basic cognitive judgement, a certain member or group cannot portend to know what's best, despite what the majority think. It is the "people don't know what's good for them, only I know what's good for them" mantra. While the majority is bound to be wrong, quite often in fact, it is far more dangerous for a perfectly fallible person to claim the ability to make judgements over an even greater number of their fellow humans.

  • But how do we know when the group concenciss is wrong?

    There are plenty of people who will argue against the majority vote, but those people aren't necessarily correct either. While it's true laws and choices will go back and fourth, as they have with abhortion and alchol laws, to completely take back or halt a decision would leave us deadlocked and promote bickering in our democracy.

  • Popularity does not make it truth

    Yes democracy is a well functioning system, but it has a weakness, popularity dictates reality. Just look at global warming or evolution; people want to dictate the facts, witch would be nice if we could, but we cant.

    Yes, we should support the good of the people, but not by the cost of the truth.

  • Who is right?

    If 51% of the world opted to destroy it, would we allow it. If a majority wins, but the minority is stronger or willing to fight for their views, who really wins. It all goes down to power. When you were a child, you disregarded the opinion of those who wouldn't back up their views at all costs. If a whole class of 3rd graders stood against a 6th grade bully, majority would fail miserably. Obviously those of us able to vote and voice our opinions are of age enough to have power to make a difference...But when push comes to shove I cannot defeat an army if their minority wishes to act upon their views. The only way to resolve an issue we cannot come to terms on is to contact someone wiser...But alas, we cannot trust one are a few choice men or women to make any serious decision with absolute correctness. As a child, our parents, teachers and any other adult we could count on to settle an argument with near absolute faith in their decision...As adults capable of bending the world any way we please...There is no one with that amount of wisdom...Therefore we must debate and argue until the situation is resolved as correctly as we the people can. Through time and debate, we can shed light on things all parties may not have seen...Eventually coming to terms as a group. Strength in knowledge and in numbers to do what is "right"

  • Majority Tyranny ? Oh hell no.

    Majority rule is not something great it is three wolfs and a sheep deciding whats for dinner , true democracy allows the 51% to discriminate against the 49%. .
    Society needs to be build on principles if freedom not the tyranny of the masses. Minarchism is the Way to go the way to achieve a society which is just.

  • No, it shouldn't be followed!

    Majors are not always righteous and reasonable because they also think of their profit.
    Every cities oppose building unpleasant facilities. Winner? City with more citizen. Is it right?
    Also can invade right to protect personal thoughts. Major rules force minors to follow their thoughts. However, I think all thoughts should be respective.

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