Third Wave Feminism should be considered a hate group.

Asked by: Kuro22
  • People that support the killing of all men should be treated as the hate group they are.

    We have seen time and time again when third wave feminist have committed actions associated with that of a hate group. They send bomb threats to people they disagree with. They dox, and try to get people fired. They shut down conversations that have a different opinions or goals. They facilitate crimes like vandalism, assault, and misuse of police resources. They advocate the killing of all men. If the KKK do all these things and are labeled a hate movement then third wave feminist should also have the same labeling.

  • Name a law. . . . .

    Feminism is an ideology that has had its day in the sun and much like the sons of ww2 veterans who (aspiring to emulate their fathers, Uncles and male members of the ww2 generation) naively signed up to fight in vietnam these young women today want to feel apart of something greater than themselves and feel like they missed out on being apart of history and social progress by being born AFTER two waves of (legitimate) feminism, I understand their energy but in my opinion its misdirected and feminism has gone too far, They are absolutely unwilling to acknowledge the egregious consequences of fatherless homes (where 80% of rapists come from), They flat out refuse to acknowledge that women's unhappiness has increased since the 70s (when up until 1976 marital rape was legal) in the US and are more than willing to continue striving to effectuate their ideological agenda even if it means more female unhappiness, A lot of these women have underlying issues in their own lives that aren't being addressed like social alienation, Coming from broken homes, Struggling to find a healthy romantic relationship, Not participating in social hobbies, And mental illness. Miserable middle aged women target young women who are vulnerable and tell them the root of their misery is patriarchal oppression and because psychologically speaking negative emotions resonate much stronger with us than positive ones, These young women buy into these strong but negative feelings as truth, Rule no. 1 of debating is facts over feelings and footage of aggressive young women trying to defend 3rd wave feminism is evidence enough that they clearly find veracity in feelings and not facts, This is a recipe for demagogues to feed off of course. So in my opinion so long as 3rd wave feminists continue to ignore the effects (and those effects are mostly negative) of single motherhood, The psychological effects of having multiple sexual partners (or the denial of pair bonding or long term relationships), The effects of deluding young girls into thinking theyre as physically strong as boys or coerce them into STEM or Politics instead of letting them be whatever they want to be. And also the lack of responsibility that feminists take in their personal lives is astounding, Always the victim never the blame. There is no discrimination in western law against women and society (more specifically men) have bent over backwards to accommodate women in every aspect of life. So yeah I think what 3rd wave feminists stand for today is conducive to suffering, Mainly the unhappiness of other women, And I suppose the fact that "kill all men", While not being an official doctrine or slogan, Is a widely conceived mantra for the modern feminist should some up aptly what lies in the seedy underbelly of this pernicious and harmful ideology. Please for the sake of young women who need to know that there is a bigger picture and life's more than identity politics I urge you to vote yes on this motion.

  • Feminism is a hate group, plain and simple!

    These women are evil. They destroy innocent mens’ lives. They falsely accuse innocent men of crimes to satisfy their own lack of agency, they employ highly generalized hate rhetoric targeting all men who are mostly innocent, they call for the murder of babies who are male, they abuse the legal system to hold men at ransom to see their children, paternity fraud, unjust alimony payments. These values are publicly encouraged among their ranks. They are liars and cheats! Feminism is absolutely a hate group and should be illegal!

  • A group based purely on sexist hatred is a hate group.

    Feminism started as a movement. First wave feminism fought for basic equality under the law. Second wave feminism fought for freedom from discrimination and full equality. They succeeded. Movements move something and stop. Feminism made it to the finish line, and decided it wanted to keep going as an ideology of pro-woman anti-man, with no clear end-goals. It's become nothing more than misandry. It actively fights for anything that helps women and anything that disadvantages men, even when it's two things that are logically contradictory. It's objectively as pro-equality at this point as the KKK or the Nazi party. No group should be silenced, and I'm not in favor of hate speech laws, I just think we need to be honest here. If it helps women, no matter how irrational or unfair something might be, feminists fight for it. There is nothing left in it that resembles a fight for equality.

  • They are the new "Black Panthers"

    In the same way the Black Panthers claimed to want equality but instead wanted black superiority, Third Wave Feminists claim to stand for equality, but really want female superiority.

    Maybe feminists were good back when women could not vote or get jobs, but now, what do they want? The right to kill babies and the right to go down the streets topless, and the right to be superior to men, that's pretty much it.

  • Your logical fallacy: hasty generalization.

    Feminism is a broad social movement which advocates for equality in legal, social, and political terms. They are trying to develops female representation in government (which is still mostly male) as well as establishing equality among social groups (the catholic and Mormon churches still prevent women from getting ordained). Just because some crazies are violent doesn't mean all of them are, it's like saying all germans are nazis.

  • You clearly do not understand Feminism

    Feminism is a group of people (not only women) who is fighting for equal rights between all genders and sexualities. There is absolutely no hate at white men (specifically), we just tend to call out injustice and because they're not a minority, they've have justices other groups have not. Is there really hate as we call people out on their uses of misogyny? A true feminist would never discriminate against people due to their gender.

  • Obviously they should not

    So, contrary to what Kuro22 is saying, Feminists don't support the killing of all men (-_-), that is like saying christians support the killing of all atheists, sure there may be a small minority that want that, but the majority are ordinary reasonable people. Every big enough group has a extremist insane minority, it is unfair to punish the group as a whole for this minority. Really all Feminism is after is equal treatment in society for women, because there are still gender based issue, such as the gender pay gap. Now, I would be remiss not to point out that Kuro just seems to be venting, so perhaps its unwise to take him seriously as I just have....

  • It should not be a "hate group"

    While I am an anti-feminist, I believe in freedom of speech and labelling feminists as a hate group is simply unproductive to the conservation. You cannot label them as hate simply because they have a different opinion. However, I will say that it is horrendous that in some places MRAs are considered "hate groups" even though they are simply fighting for male rights.

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