This House believes public universities should be required to adopt gender-neutral pronouns

Asked by: rgakindele
  • Yes, it's supported by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

    Title IX clearly protects against sex-based discrimination in educational institutions and the law was extended to protect transgendered and non-binary students. Students who don't fall within the gender binary should have the right to not be misgendered by their professors and it's not a burden on the school to address these people by appropriate gender-neutral pronouns

  • No, gender and sex are completely different

    Sex is chromosome based where as gender is psychologically based. It is ridiculous to restrict the English language especially in a place of learning just to accommodate these minority of people by controlling the majority of peoples free speech and opinion. To force people to adopt a new way of sentence structure and way of thinking is misguided and ultimately reductive to any sort of problem. Personally I think sheltering these boys and girls from the opinions of others will cause them more harm than good once they leave university due to the fact that you cannot control the general populations use of language.

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