This house believes that teenagers should not be allowed to undergo plastic surgery

Asked by: debater0803
  • It is immoral to encourage it.

    Teenagers are not emotionally mature and are still children in many ways and should be allowed to be natural without pressure being put upon them to look a certain way or to be so conscious about their appearance. Such youthfulness does not need tampered with. Not only do young girls not need cosmetic surgery but they also certainly do not need foundation, false eyelashes and hair extensions, etc. The sexualisation of young girls is abhorrent, the pressure put upon them to be beautiful is extremely damaging, can lead to body dysmorphic disorder and is storing up trouble for their futures, too. Cosmetic surgery should be made illegal for teenagers. Perfection can actually be unattractive, anyway. Just look at today's 'celebrities'. They're like clones; there's no diversity or individuality any more. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, the same dress style, same make-up, etc. Boring and depressing!

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