This house fears China: Is China an economic threat to the United States?

  • Threat and what it means.

    All competition presents a threat to anyone in the market. UK, russia, mexico, Canada are all "threats" but to what degree? It's about perception. China is no exception from being a threat. Its the world 2nd largest economy and largest trading nation but rather focusing on China. Focus on USA and commit to self improvement. Don't worry about China. Look at what's the future and invest in that. Renewable energy, programming, engineering,, space,etc. FEAR SHOULD NOT BE A MOTIVATION.!!

  • Yes, China is large and powerful.

    China is definitely a huge threat to USA's position as the world's leader. China has 19.8% of the world's economy bu 2008, fractionally bigger than USA's 17.9% It is lying that China is not a threat to USA. But if these two countries work together they can form a better economy chain between these nations.

  • Yes, China is large and powerful.

    Yes, China is an economic threat to the United States, because it is so powerful. China has one of the largest economies in the world, and it grows stronger by the day. China also does not have copyright laws and patent laws that the United States does, which further complicates things. It is important that the United States has a friendly relationship with China on economic matters.

  • Not a Zero Sum Game

    China is not an economic threat to the United States. Even if China's economy is booming, it is not a zero sum game with the United States. In other words, Chinese economic growth does not equal a reduction in American economic growth. Both nations can and hopefully will prosper economically together.

  • China is a friend help US

    China is only good at manufacture, not bussiness. Thus China will need US techonology forever. China's R and D is also faraway behind US, even behind contouries like Gemany, France , Singapore. So China will rely on new techonologies from west coutouris forever. Nothing to worry about! Also china development will slowdown for sure.

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