This house fears China: Is China is military threat to the United States?

  • China has a big army

    China has more people than any other country on earth. Because it has more people, it has the potential to have a big army. It can also purchase lots of missiles, tanks, guns, knives, and other weapons of small and mass destruction. Therefore, China is a potential threat to our country.

  • Nukes, MAD, Fallout

    Is it Threatening? Yes should you Fear it? NO!! Even if someone doesn't believe in China navy, air and land capabilities. They should still believe in M.A.D. Theory. China military development has it's defensive capabilities focus on deterring mainly US weaponry. (Such as Submarine > Aircraft carriers and lasers/Anti-satellites> satellites) Meaning China weapons are built to prevent US from ATTACKING CHINA. NOT used for a offensive Invasion. With that said there would be no winners in such a event(WAR). So living in fear of China would be silly. I mean think of it this, In the Book ART OF WAR USED BY both CHINA and USA . WAR is a last resort. Meaning all other wars failed (diplomacy, alliances, etc's) To me A World Wide Economic collapse is more threatening to USA than the Chinese military. And probably more likely. The Chinese Government and the Chinese people have no grudges from the Korean War. CHINA and US fought on the same side in WW2. And the Cold war is Over!! The RED scare was fake. USSR didn't invaded US nor rest of Europe. ( the only country it did invaded was Afghanistan due to geopolitics) China will need multiple good reason for an attack and so far US hasn't given China one.

  • Yes, China is large and powerful.

    Yes, China is a military threat to the United States, because they are big and powerful. Even though China has been relatively dormant and concerned with domestic affairs for years, as China joins the modern world and its economy grows, China cannot be trusted not to use its vast stores of money and people to damage the United States.

  • They will be a threat but the US would still prevail

    The question is broad. Is china a military threat? Yes they are. Even small countries and major terrorist organizations are a threat to the US for they too can bring a number of casualties and expenses the the most powerful country in the world. But can China defeat the US in a war in the next five years? The answer is no.

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