This house would ban sugar within school premises

  • Yes, Sugary foods should be banned in school

    Being a middle schooler, I know how hard it is to watch sugar (and fat) intake, especially when you can't even read food labels on cafeteria food because it is already taken out of the packaging. Generally foods high in sugar are high in fat. (Though not always, and not always vise versa either.) It would definitely help me to know that at least one of my daily meals doesn't have exorbitant amounts of sugar in the food snuck in under different name, (Sugar, glucose, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose. These are all different names used in labeling to have sugar in the ingredients list without it looking like sugar, sugar,sugar.) I believe getting rid of sugary foods in school would also help with our nation-wide problem of childhood obesity which could boost self confidence in America's youth.

  • Ban sugary food do not make less calories

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