This house would ban teachers interacting with students via social networking sites

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  • No no no

    I disagree from what you have said that it is right to implement the banning of the teacher’s interaction with the students through social media. Why should they ban if this can be helpful to many students? It is a good idea for the school to have some blog spot where the students and teachers can communicate and the administrators could have some sort of master key to access the conversation and monitor from what it is being said so there would be no other extra activities. An example of an educational website and actively monitored by the teachers and the administrators is EDMODO. This is a safest and easiest way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents and each other. And another thing from this is the students can sharpen their communication skills. And aside from about educational communication, having a conversation with your previous teachers in a faraway land should be allowed.

  • No just no

    Which student actually learns on social media from a teacher. When kids go on social media it's to get away from school. When teachers interact with students on social media sites like Facebook kids think the teachers are creepy. They won't want to learn after coming home from school. Gg

  • There are too many dangers

    Teachers and students should not be interacting on social networking sites like facebookus except on a neutral and controlled page, like for example a school,page set up for homework help.

    There is no garuntee of privacy on social networking sites so that in itself causes problems. It can leave teachers wide open to being accused of grooming children or unprofessional behaviour which can cost them their jobs.

    Parents will be rightfully concerned as to why a fully grown adult would want to interact with kids on the Internet.

  • I need this

    I need social media to keep in contact with my teachers at school to make sure I do all my work and be able to ask for help or advice after school hours. If not for teacher/student communication websites with as Edmodo I would not be able to ask my teachers to review my essays or speeches and give me pointers on how to improve it.

  • Interaction between teachers and students doesn't have to be in a friendly terms but in a professional one.

    Many from the proposition argue that interacting through social network has given teachers some kind of freedom or access to student's personal information in the Net, but then again they are forgetting the 'Privacy Terms' that the networking sites have laid out from the very start. Also the sole purpose of the interaction is for better communication between teachers and students and easier distribution of information. Lessons, activities, and such. Also a professional teacher would not want to be 'friends' with the account of his students because he knows and understands the boundaries of being a teacher. Also if you ban this kind of interaction then you might as well ban the networking sites, too. Why? Didn't the proposition already gave the fact that these sites are mediums for people with ill and lewd intentions? Then why ban just the teacher-student interaction if they can ban every wrong doers altogether? And even if they ban it, aren't they going against the law as well? They are taking away the freedom of expression and communication from the people. So, I want to ask the proposition a single question: are you not using social network to interact or contact your superiors as well? If yes, then why the hell are we still debating on this motion. Thank you.

  • How else are teachers going to communicate with students?

    I mean, if you use the old-fashioned method of telling the students their homework face to face, what if it is after school? Are you going to walk all the way to the student's home? No, right? Well I would not. For those who say you can just send messages, will you actually do that? You are wasting money on something you could do via another platform for free! "But you have to be above 13 to be able to create an account!" Well, this makes it safer for students! Do you think a TEACHER would allow their students to create an account for themselves? Of course not! The teachers would be worried about their students well-being! They would know about the dangers of social networks, thus not allowing the students to create one. So thank you everyone for taking your time to read my argument and please do not let your and my efforts go to waste and find weak points in my arguments. Then argue from the proposition even if u support the opposition. Thank you

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