This House Would Compel major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees

  • Cause and Effect

    The U. S. , China, And India emit over 50% of the world's yearly carbon dioxide emissions. Environmental refugees are usually from countries that have committed very few offenses environmentally. For example, Citizens of low-level island nations in the Pacific have been adversely affected by the rising water levels brought on by the melting of land-based ice, Which is in turn caused by global warming brought on by carbon dioxide emissions.

  • Moral obligation of the states.

    States who pollute majorly are responsible for the traumatic lives of refugees and must hence open their borders to allow their entry in a regulated manner. Environmental refugees are equally important in today's world and deserve a chance at life in the normal world, At the expense of the state.

  • Each country contributes.

    No country should be held as more responsible than another. Things like factories, That produce harmful gases, Sell their products to numerous countries that claim have little to no part in pollution. However, If a county imports anything they contribute. If they have an airport, They are contributing to pollution. If they have livestock like cows, They are contributing to methane pollution. Not one single country can safely say that give off no pollution and that their people don't lite fires giving off carbon dioxide. Each country is responsible on some level,

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