'This is Us' beats 'Game of Thrones' in nominations: Should 'Game of Thrones' receive more respect?

  • It is better known.

    Game of Thrones should receive more awards than This is Us because Game of Thrones has been around for a long time. This is Us is just starting to become very popular, but Game of Thrones has been a part of popular culture for years. This longevity should be recognized in the awards process.

  • Yes, I think so.

    No matter what Emmy’s jury will say, Game of Thrones is and will be the most popular and most influential show on television until 2018. I’m pretty much on board with Game of Thrones winning almost every single award in the technical categories it’s been nominated for.
    Game of Thrones is not just TV show, it is a cultural phenomenon.

  • It gets too much

    Game of Thrones always receives a ton of Emmy nominations because there are sound, visual effects, cinematography awards, etc. But for things like writing, acting and directing it's not actually a very good show, so the nominations don't show up at the Critic's Choice Awards and such. This Is Us is also bad, but it has more non-technical things that critics like.

  • No, it gets enough respect.

    No, I think that Game of Thrones gets plenty of respect and attention. There are other shows in the world. That another show, namely This Is Us, got more nominations doesn't mean Games of Thrones is being disrespected. It just means there are a lot of good shows out there!

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