• I am in Christ Jesus

    Yes, because of Jesus. This is the life that I want to live becuase of what Christ has done for me, and the world. I don't have to keep searching for truth because truth searched for me a long time ago. I am so blessed by God, amen to that.

  • Yes, Im closest to my authentic self as ever before.

    Yes, I'm who I want to be. I'm striving to be my best self everyday. I have struggled over my lifetime to find things that make me the happiest, and appreciate those things that mean the most. I have a great career, wonderful family, and I'm truly thankful for everyday that I am giving here on earth.

  • I am who I want to b

    I am in charge of my own life and feel that I am who I want to be. Only I can control what direction my life takes, and I think that I am making the right decisions and trying to live a nice life full of morals and values that contribute to society.

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