• Go fast rocket launch

    Launch shows the moon from a great distance from above Nevada. When time and date are entered into a site that shows where the sun and moon are at the time, it says the moon should've been over Australia, which is on the other side of the globe. Proof of a flat earth

  • The earth is flat

    The earth is flat what else do i need to tell you have you ever seen the actual earth? No the government is lying to us the earth is flat you dont have to believe me but the facts are there the earth is flat the earth is really flat

  • My dudes, the earth isn’t flat.

    Generally speaking most people who say that the earth is flat, are just joking because they know that they will get a reaction from you. If you give a reaction to it then they will just keep saying that the earth is flat. Just give up my dudes eventually the joke will die out.

  • Am i in some kind of practical joke?

    Flat earth? Are you kidding? That literally doesn't make any sense! It just plain doesn't work! If that map were accurate, why can't we see south america from florida? This is just rubbish and hogwash. Literally, take that map, crumple it up and was swine with it! The autonomy of the world could not work like that! (not to mention we have seen the earth from space!

  • Yes there is a theory but no

    There is a proven theory that the earth is accualy flat but the problem with that is if the world is flat there has to be an edge to the earth there can because with the image you have show it would be impossible because someone has flown over anartica

  • This is sad

    There's an overwhelming body of evidence proving the earth is roughly spherical and only a tiny body of poorly argued you-tube videos to suggest otherwise. Unfortunately there are undereducated people with short attention spans and a strong enough desire to appear different and unconventional who confuse the latter with being real science.

  • How Does this Picture prove the earth is flat?

    How can a simple picture "prove" the earth is flat? That makes no sense at all. In order to prove the earth is flat you must bring forth new evidence, then refute the current theory and prove it wrong. That is impossible though, because all of the evidence points to a round, spherical earth.

  • Hello people! Get with it! When was that map made?

    Pictures from orbit

    Ever since 1946 (1), we have been able to photograph the earth from space. Every single one of these photographs show a roughly spherical earth and there have been no real photographs of a flat earth. This proves beyond reasonable doubt that the earth is not flat.


    If one was to be placed in the middle of a becalmed ocean on a flat earth, the observer should be able to see the coastline through a telescope even if it was 1000 miles away. This is because there would be no obstruction to the light reflecting off the coastline and into the observer's eyes.

    However, in reality this is not the case. No matter how good my telescope is I cannot see the coastline if I am placed in the middle of, say, the Pacific Ocean. Therefore there must be an obstruction that prevents the light reflected off the coastline from reaching my eyes.

    As we do not see a ridge of water in the ocean, what then is the obstruction? If the earth was flat then the obstruction could only be a hill or ridge, but such forms cannot be formed by water. Therefore, the earth cannot be flat.

    The Moon

    We know that the moon is circular, as we have observed full moons. However, we also observe that the moon can appear to have a crescent shape. This change in shape is not caused by the moon being diminished in mass, because we can see a very faint outline of a circular moon even when only the crescent part is illuminated.

    This suggests that the change in apparent shape is caused by a change in the way that the moon is illuminated - it goes from being fully illuminated to being partially illuminated. We know that the moon is illuminated by the sun (2), and that the sun's light is constant (3), so any lack of illumination is caused by a shadow. As the earth is the closest large celestial object to the moon, it is reasonable to suppose that this shadow comes from the earth.

    In order to move from illuminating a circle to illuminating a crescent, the shadow must be circular (4). As this shadow is caused by the earth, the earth must be circular in order to cast this shadow and so the earth is round.

    Time Zones

    The existence of time-zones (5) logically entails that the sun is observable at different times at different points on the earth. If the earth was flat, then the sun would be observable and non-observable at the same time everywhere in the world. As this is not the case, the earth cannot be flat.

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