This site should have a filter for retarded debates and spam.

Asked by: crashtestdummy
  • Spam, Spam, And spam

    Whenever I go on this site to let off some steam or do research, I see spam every single time. Yeah, I get it about freedom of speech, But HELLO PEOPLE? This is supposed to be a site where you can voice your opinion, Not just type in random stuff that aren't even words half the time! This site is literally named DEBATE. ORG! Its purpose is to let people debate and voice their opinion!

  • Yes, There Should Be.

    It's annoying to see debates that have stupid and pointless and have titles such as : fsdvfhdgffgfsgfsngchfcgjb or 345jy5rj54re5434654yret and have a picture of two people licking each other's mouths. This is a debate website, Not sub reddit account. I also see like 100 debates that have a picture of some a meme and some gibberish as it's title name.

  • I almost lost my soul because of spam

    I was looking for debates to join in or to comment on then I saw this ad: "This product works %100!" I clicked on it to see the product but the debate did not load. I waited for 10 seconds or so then it took me to a blank site, the link part was literally empty. I was about to click off but then some video started to play.

    There was some naked asian girl standing in an empty room. The room was empty and the walls painted in a color I can not describe. I am not even sure you could define it as "color". She started counting: "One" and she tapped her head with some tool that looks like a metal bar. "Two" she tapped harder. "Three" the tapping was getting faster. She got to "Ten" and it was not tapping anymore. It was hitting. She did not hit herself very strongly so it was okay. But by the time she got to "Twenty" her nose started to bleed. She hit herself even harder and harder and harder... At "Fifty" her nose was completely flat. Blood all over her face. I don't know why but I just could not stop watching. She got to "One hundred" and her head started splitting in two. You could see the mark of the bar on the skull very clearly. She continued. I did not understand how she was handling the pain very well but I did not think about it either. "Two hundred" the bar split her head in two. Her brain was showing and blood was everywhere. The hole continued from the top of her head to her neck. She was still counting, the two sides of her mouth were still moving. It made no sense. "One thousand" her organs lied on the ground, intestines hanging from her hip. She was completely split into two parts. Both of her hands were still holding the bar and they still continued to hit even faster and faster. As she completely destroyed her body and started hitting on the ground I noticed my screen started to crack. Blood and pieces of organs were spilling through the cracks on the computer. I tried to move, but it was hard. Just as I thought I was a goner my 6 year old sex slave somehow chewed the tape on her mouth and started screaming. That created a distraction and I quickly got away from the computer. I shut it down and unplugged it.

    Then I climbed down the stairs and moved next to my sex slave with relief. She was crying and screaming. I thanked her and as a reward I told her I would let her sleep next to me tonight. The ungreatful little bastard did not even thank me and just continued screaming. I forgave her misbehaviour as she had just saved my life.

    Long story short, spam is a bad thing. Please find a way to prevent it.

  • I almost did it

    I severely thought of posting on the no side just to piss you off, but decided against it, but yes, they should really filter the torrent spam out. It really makes you wonder why exactly people chose to specifically spam this site, you know? ADDING MORE WORDS TO SUBMIT POST

  • Fix this site.

    I just joined this site and i want to challenge a debate but all i see is spam for streaming sites and retarded debates like "my fb site is cool prove me wrong." There should be a filter for spam and bs and a strike system to ban users who abuse this site for dumb shit, when people are trying to search for intelligent debates and discourse.

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