• It's literally full of hateful people

    Some people post sexist, Homophobic and racist opinions here without any real arguments, Just answers in the type of "eww this and that". Internet trolls use the fact that many political topocs are discussed here to throw out their bigoted opinions. And nobody will tell them to stop either because it just does not work on such people.

  • Full of Conspiracy Theorists and Neo-Nazis and Sexist Feminists

    I'm sorry to say, But 90% of the people on this website are absolute morons. It's full of hate, Homophobia, Racism, And sexism. There's also a really weird circlejerk of hate for atheists on here. It's full of stupidity and blatant science denial. At least Reddit has a little bit of moderation.

  • This website has some awful opinions

    To a certain extent, Debating and having your own opinion can be great. For example, There are great arguments from both sides on whether abortion should be legal or not. However, Some of the opinions on here are just plain sexist, Racist, And extreme. People are allowed to create opinions on whether African Americans deserve rights, Whether women should be treated like sex objects, Whether there should be a death penalty for being LGBT, Etc. These debates should be removed as no one should be allowed to hold harmful opinions like ”African American’s don’t deserve rights”, “Women should be treated like sex objects”, “there should be a death penalty for being LGBT”, Etc.

  • Both are cesspool websites

    If you look in the right places you will find the unfiltered views of criminal minds and advertisements for illegal products and services. This is such a weird website because of the lack of care, I would call it cancerous like reddit because it has grown out of control and hit stage 10 autism

    However the main difference between this site and reddit is that reddit is slowly becoming a censored left echo chamber day by day. This sites moderation is zero compared to reddit, Its basically run wild chaos.

  • Not even close.

    Reddit is nothing but echo chambers. Mostly liberal echo chambers at that. You need "karma" to post and If you dare say anything out of line with the narrative, -40 downvotes. The mods are horrible and allow the downvote abuse. If you're an Ann Coulter of the left, Reddit might be your speed. But if you have any opinion that even appears to be out of line, Forget it.

  • Reddit is way worse than this website

    Objectively, Reddit causes more physical harm than this website. Take r/chonkers as an example. People overfeed their cats in order to make them morbidly obese because it gives them fake internet points. These cats then suffer fatal heart diseases and pass away after a life of heavy suffering. No animal deserves such treatment. Additionally, Reddit has a lot more pornography, Which causes individuals to be more aggressive, Less productive, And more disrespectful of their sexual partners. This website has many alt-right ideals, But Reddit has communities specifically for these people. On this website, People can openly debate what they disagree with, But if you post something disagreeing with the alt-right in an alt-right subreddit, You will get banned by a moderator. This website lacks the power-crazed mods you find all over reddit who transform subreddits into their own ideologies of how it should go, Deleting anyone who disagrees with the absurd rules. Leftist extremists, Who are all over Reddit, Are equally as bad as rightist extremists.
    To close this argument off, Neither sites are inherently bad. Both can be very useful for many things and Reddit connect communities and achieves amazing things. The majority of Reddit communities are interesting and sometimes even productive, But there is more bad on Reddit than on this website.

  • Reddit is the stage IV cancer

    They have more people so many conceited people that flash around their credentials. Just because someone had a Masters in psychology doesn't mean that they can boss people or behave like the absolute authority on a random subject.

    There are entire pages that are used by racists spreading their propaganda. And then the moderators have a God complex where they single out people that they do not like.

    Here you can post without having to tell who you are and you are treated equally. You do not have status you are just some stranger

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