This year will be the hottest on record. Can global warming be reversed?

  • Yes, global warming can be reversed.

    Yes, global warming can be reversed, but we all must work together to do so. Politicians need to take a stand and recognize the science that is out there. We cannot continue to ignore the threat of global warming. Once we decide to change, we will reverse the terrible effects.

  • I agree that global warming can be reversed

    Scientists have indicated that if we were to reduce carbon emissions and make other efforts to eliminate pollution that it is possible to reverse the affects of global warming. Worst case we would prevent global warming from worsening and endangering habitation of the planet. More efforts must be made to stop global warming.

  • No, global warming cannot be reversed.

    No, It is my belief that global warming cannot be reversed because it is only going to get hotter and hotter and we as humans need more and more natural resources. Therefore, I think it is not possible to reverse global warming because we will forever be needing resources from the earth.

  • Global warming is too far advanced to be reversed, except in the very long term.

    The trend of global warming over the past two hundred years has been inexorable, and even if countries start to reduce their carbon emissions immediately, the effect will only be to slow the process over the next decades and even centuries. Reversal is something that cannot be expected at present.

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